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No. A retort is just a short, witty reply to something somebody said. A scream is a loud cry for attention, in anger, alarm or fear.

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Q: Does the word scream mean the same as the word retort?
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What is the other word for the word meaning sceam?

Words that mean the same thing as scream include yell, holler and shriek.

What rhymes with mean but means to scream?

The word "keen" rhymes with mean and can also mean to scream loudly or shout enthusiastically.

What is A word for sharp reply?

# retort #

What is a word for a defiant reply?


Can you give a sentence for the word retort?

She made him look foolish with her witty retort, leaving him speechless and gawking.

What is another word for the word answer?

Another word for the word answer is reply, response, reaction or retort.

What is the present tense of the word scream?

The present tense of the word "scream" is "scream."

Does the spanish word gritan mean scream?

"Gritan" is the third person plural present tense of the verb "gritar", meaning "they shout or scream".

Is the word retorted a noun?

No.* A retort is a noun. * To retort is a verb. It is a regular verb and the past tense is formed by adding '-ed' to the verb. * retorted is the past tense form of the verb 'retort'.e.g. "You have no right to say that," she retorted.

What is the base word of screaming?

The base word of "screaming" is "scream."

Does synonyms affect lexemes like for example equals Is Shout and Scream the same lexeme?

No, synonyms do not affect lexemes. Lexemes are basic units of meaning in a language, and synonyms are words that have similar meanings but are not necessarily the same lexeme. "Shout" and "scream" are not the same lexeme because they have distinct meanings and usage patterns.

What is the spanish word for scream?

gritar means "to scream".