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Since this air conditioner puts out 8,000 btu's it shouldnt give out any heat in the house at all .

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Q: Does this Koldfront 8,000 btu portable air conditioner give off heat in the house?
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How much area does a portable air conditioning unit keep cool?

The size of the area that a portable air conditioner will keep cool varies depending upon the number of BTU's the unit has. For example, a 12000 BTU air conditioner will cool an area between about 500-600 square feet while a 8000 BTU air conditioner will cool an area of approximately 300-350 square feet.

How many amps will an 8000 btu air conditioner pull?

10.92 Amp

What size btu do you need for a 500 sq ft room portable type?

At least 8000 btu

How many square feet does an 8000 BTU air conditioner cool?

around 400 SF, not ft

What portable air conditioner should i buy?

Room Size: up to 150 square feet - 8000 BTU 151 to 250 square feet - 10,000 BTU 251 to 350 square feet - 12,000 BTU 351 to 450 square feet - 14,000 BTU

Who much was a house in the 1910s?

im guessin about $3000-$8000

How many amps does a 8000 watt generator supply?

An 8000 watt generator at regular house current 110v will supply 72 amps.

What is 8245 rounded to the nearest thousand?

This would be 8000 because you would round down.

How do you get your 8000 rebate for buying a new house?

What is 8345 rounded to the nearest thousand?


What is the value of a bpi 8000 portable basketball goal?

Depends on the age and condition its in. 2-5k should be a good asking price if its not to old or in bad condition

How many square feet does a 8000 btu heater heat?

The number of square feet that an 8000 btu heater will heat can not be accurately determined just by knowing the output of the heater.Given a small, well insulated, energy efficient house that is located in a mild climate, 8000 btu could be sufficient to heat the entire house.

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