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No, tuning the piano doesn't make the keys taller, but, if the regulation is adjusted on your piano, then that can make the keys taller. Chris, Perfect Piano Tuning, L.L.C., Phoenix, AZ

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How do you make yellow piano keys white again?

I really do not think it can be done. At one time, piano keys were made from ivory. If the ivory began changing, you could do things to it to keep it white. Today's piano keys are made of plastic. There is nothing you can do with yellowed plastic piano keys. Throw them away and replace them with new, white, plastic piano keys.

What is unique about a Clavinova CVP digital piano?

The weight of the keys is what is unique about the Clavinova CVP digital piano. Even though it is a digital piano, the keys make it sound like it is a grand piano.

Why do guitars have tuning pegs?

Guitars have tuning keys because they need to have a certain sound to make them sound good. Basicaly they need to be in tune.

What are Piano Chords?

a piano chord is a group of keys presed that make a nice sound E.G a "c" chord is these keys C,E,G

What are weighted piano keys?

Weighted piano keys are the keys that you can hit softly or hard and that will make the dynamics of a piece of music. This is so that you can make loud and soft sounds. Most keyboards don't have weighted piano keys and so you can only adjust the sound via the volume and the sound of the voice via the on-board computer screen.

What causes sound to come from a piano?

pianos need to be played by hitting the keys to make sound from the piano

Are there eleven octaves on a piano?

No. The piano does have eighty-eight keys, but including the black keys (sharps or flats), it takes twelve keys to make an entire octave, so it's closer to eight octaves.

Where does the piano get its sound from?

When you hit the keys of the piano, they move a hammer which then strikes a short string which then vibrates to make the musical sound.

How do you play keyboard?

You play it like a piano. It's just the keys which are thinner and you can make different sounds on the piano. It is not heaps different.

What resources did Europeans want from Africans?

Mostly Ivory which is used to make piano keys.

What are three keys that can't open any door?

Piano keys Musical keys (groups of notes that make an octave) The Florida Keys (chain islands coming from the southern tip of Florida)

How do pianoes work?

when you press the keys they make the hammers inside the piano hit the strings inside the piano; making vibrations which create sound.

What are the piano notes to forget you?

2 black keys at the end of the piano with the first key on the three black keys. thats just the first part of the intro. (I know the real notes but just to make it easier)

How much money would you make in a piano tuning career?

The median hourly pay for a Piano Tuningn professional is $13.47 and hour. Based on that hourly rate, the median yearly income of a piano tuner would be roughly $28,000.

What materials are used to make a piano?

Piano strings are made of steel wire and the hammers and dampers are made of wood and felt. Piano tuning pins are made of metal. The frame can be made of wood or metal and the bridge can be made of wood or metal.

Why piano called c over keys instrument?

You strike the keys to make the hammer hit the strings instead of hitting the strings directly, like you do with a guitar.

How much do piano tuners make?

A piano tuner's income is based on his/her location. An average piano tuning can range from 90 dollars to 180 dollars. A full time piano tuner will tune around 2-3 pianos a day and work about 5 days a week.

Why do you think a piano can make so many sounds?

Because it has a lot of keys, which allows for varied tones.

Are the black keys on a piano of any value?

yes they make the piece u play go higher

What does black key on piano sound like?

if you have a piano then press a black key. it also depends on the key you are pressing too, as different keys make different sounds.

Can you make your electric guitar an electrical bass?

You need bigger holes for the tuning keys, and the pick-up will probably have to be converted to a bass pick-up.

What are weighted keys on a digital piano?

This refers to the attempts, some remarkably successful, to make the keys of a digital piano feel just like the keys on an acoustic piano while playing. With a digital piano, you can have keys that are extremely light, and/or attached to simple springs. The only thing needed to make a sound is for an electrical connection to be made. In an acoustic piano, the key is actually a lever that transfers your energy to what is called the 'action', the mechanical device that propels a felt hammer toward the strings (or wires), causing the sound. The feel of an acoustic piano is distinctive, and a very important part of playing for many who were trained on acoustic pianos. Weighted keys also make it a little easier to go from the digital keyboard environment to playing regular acoustic pianos. Some, including myself, swear by weighted keys on digital pianos, and they are much more satisfying to play. If you make it a habit to sample pianos of every kind as you shop or as they become available, you will sense the difference, if the difference is important to you.

Are there any special sounds that the piano can make?

sometimes the black keys and sometimes the songs some play on their own.

Why do several keys on your piano have signatures?

A key signature on a piano is not a piano key. In my case, I actually have signatures on the wood vertical sides of the first 2 keys and the last 7 keys. I have tried to research their names, but the Weber piano was built in 1889.______________________DAWG replies:Based on this info, I can only assume that you mean that someone literally signed a name on the sides of some of the keys?Could it be that the piano was repaired and a repairman who worked on it left a record? Here's a link that may help.http://kansascitypianotuning.com/piano-tuning/piano-repair/I think it's possible that a clever repairman made notes of which keys were repaired/replaced, possibly to leave a record of which keys were under warranty.If there are no date codes I'd be inclined to believe that the signed keys were those needing repair, rather than the signatures on nine keys representing nine routine service calls for tuning for instance. If the piano was subject to high humidity (in Louisiana for instance) then multiple key replacements from swelling may have been a regular service problem in that region.I'm just spitballing because in my type of service work I leave a detailed record of the work performed for billing and warranty purposes. That way another service tech doesn't have to see the entire service history to know if a replacement part fails more than once. This would have been good business, especially before phones and computers made accessing the service record so easy.Without seeing the sigs that's my best guess.Make sense 2 ewe?

What are the major differences between the harpsichord pipe organ and the piano?

The piano is the only instrument where you can change how loud the notes are by pressing the keys with different amounts of pressure. The pipe organ is the only one that makes sound by blowing wind through pipes. The piano and harpsichord make sound by plucking strings. The keys that are white on a piano are black on a harpsichord, and a piano's black keys are white on a harpsichord. Some organs have the same key colors as a harpsichord, while others have the key colors of a piano.

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