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Does urine help plants grow faster?


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"It will actually kill them." Maybe not... check this book out: Liquid Gold: The Lore and Logic of Using Urine to Grow Plantshttp://www.Amazon.com/Liquid-Gold-Logic-Using-Plants/dp/0966678311/ref=pd_sim_b_2

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Urea is a good source of both nitrogen and organic material, which the plant can use to grow.

Yes, I have been using miracle grow on my plants and it really does help them grow faster. Although it may help them grow faster, it can make the plant unhealthy.

Yes it can , but milk or water will make plants grow more faster.

No, it does not. See the related questions.

It doesn't help the plant grow faster, but it slows the death of the plant due to the sucrose in the beverage.

Yes it does them help grow faster and healthier too.

Sugar (more specifically, glucose) will help a plant grow faster. Salt kills most plants.

Yes it gives them super.powers

Epsom salt encourages your flowering plants bloom.

Well I'm a human and it doesn't make me grow faster so I would guess no...

Lemon juce is very acidic. Most plants will not tolerate it.

if a bean plant has any kind of water it will grow

Yes it will make them grow because they grow greener. They are living things so they will grow alittle bit faster

There are no seeds which make it any faster to catch a moshling. You have to have the correct combination of seeds, plant them, and wait for them to grow. The best thing to do to help you plants grow faster is to be sure your Moshi Monster is healthy and happy. It might also help your plants to grow faster if you log out of your Moshi Monster account for awhile.

The liquid that can help plants grow is liquid fertilizer. It is just like regular fertilizer with plenty of nitrogen, but in liquid form.

vitamins give off nutritions and the nutritions go to the plant. then the plant grows faster

Fertilizers are supposed to helpplantsgrassflowers growstrongerfasterhealthier

If the water contains beneficial bacteria, it is possible.

Soil because it has vitamins and nutrients that help the plant to make it grow faster. plus it keeps water and sunlight better than sand.yeah

Sugar,sugar helps increase cellulose and help the plant grow faster. Plain water will maintain the status Que.

they have some shampoo's to help it grow faster. Just search it on google.com.

it brings moister and nutiratens to the plants to help it grow

no but bannana peels help plants grow

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