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Straightening your hair everyday with a hot iron will just lead to washing your hair more often because it gets more oily the more you straighten it.

Also the more you straighten your hair, the more likely you will be to get split ends. Use a straightning protector blam, cream or spray to protect your hair from the high heat of dtraightners and blow drying

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Q: Does using hair straightener every day damage your hair?
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How can you get straighter hair using a hair straightener without buying any products?

Products protect the hair from damage from the heat of the straightener. My question would be, why would you not want to use products?

What happens if you use your hair straightener on wet hair?

It does more damage than if you use a straightener on dry hair.

What is the best hair straightener to use that doesn't burn you hair as much?

Use a ceramic hair straightener. It shouldn't damage your hair.

Which hair straightener will not damage my hair?

Heat on hair damages it regardless..Try a CHI...

When your hair is damaged what can you do?

try not to always use heat on it and do not wash it every week. you also want to avoid getting a perm or any other type of hair straightener. using natural hair moisturizers will also help with the damage

Can you loose hair from a hair straightener?

I've been using a hair straightener for around 2 years now and I have very thick hair.No it's not usual to lose hair when you straighten it but it can happen because some of your hair gets caught in the straightener and you accidentally pull it out.But also straightening your hair is somewhat bad for your hair because it damages it, but it shouldn't damage it to the point of your hair falling out.

What hair straightener damages hair less?

Ceramic hair straighteners damage your hair less. For example, NP Ceramic Hair Straightener. They are usually more expensive, but it's worth it.

Does permanent straightening hair damage your hair?

It probably will damage your, even if you put heat protector because it is a permanent straightener.

Does your hair need to be wet when using conditioning hair straightener?

Your hair needs to be wet when you are using cond

Is it safe to use a hair straightener when you are pregnant?

Yes it is safe. The straightener just affects your hair on the outside so it is okay health wise. Your hair condition changes when you are pregnant so don't over use the straightener because you could damage your hair.

What to use when straightening hair?

use an effective serum that makes the heat of the straightener not damage your hair

How can you get straight hair if you have curly hair?

by using a straightener or washing it and the brushing it a lot

What kind of damage can the Corioliss hair straighteners cause to a person's hair?

A Corioliss hair straightener can leave damage such as burnt hair, dry hair, split ends, and coarse hair. This damage can be hard to reverse, and can be very unappealing.

Can you use the wet to dry straightener on dry hair?

you can, but i recommend not to buy this straighten. my hair sylist told me that it can damage and dry out your hair.

How can you curl your hair like Stars with the hair straightener?

you get a strand of hair and straighten it first, then you hold on to the end of it with the straightener and wrap your hair around the straightener.

What happens if you iron your hair?

The same thing as if when you're using a hair straightener, but may not be as effective.

What is hair staighteners in German?

hair straightener = Haarglätter (literally meaning hair straightener)

How are you going to take good care four hair and scalp?

try using this morrocinoil product in your hair i had great results at the end most importantly buy this oily product they have that you put on before using a curler or straightener it doesnt damage your hair at all

Do you have to wash your hair before using a hair straightener?

No you dont you can but you dont another way is comb your hair then straighten it.

How do you make your hair stay straighter for longer?

wash your hair by using conditioner and then after drying it, use hair straightener

Does straightening your hair damage it?

Of course!Yes it can cause damage to the hair if it is straightening your hair doesn't damage your hair but if you hold the straightener on it to long you will burn itIt may not damage your hair right away, but you will be able to tell when you get split ends. Adding heat to the hair causes the hair ends to become fried which in turn cause split ends. This could cause the hair to break off and become uneven. Using a thermal heat protection spray will protect your hair from damage.

Does curling your hair damage more than straightening?

No, straightening will take more of a toll. Especially as most people who use a straightener use it routinely, every day.

I have nautrally curly hair i was wondering how i could get it really straight using a straightener Thanks for helping How do you get really straight hair using a straightener?

you need a really good straightener, theyre expensive, but its worth it... i paid $300, but it works like a charm, it takes a long time to straighten, but you cant be a bludger... also the hair dressers are good at straightening hair.

What is an Ion Hair Straightener?

An ion hair straightener is a straightener that changes the atoms in the hair to ions. This makes the hair smoother, sleeker and makes it look more healthy.

What are some good hair straightener brands?

GHD is probably the best for your hair but there are other good ones out there, just be sure to use a heat protectant on your hair before using a straightener, so it does not fry it.