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It stretches a bit, but like nylon it can make your balls sweat

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Q: Does viscose material stretch
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Does polyester viscose material stretch?

It stretches a bit, but like nylon it can make your balls sweat

Does 100 percent Viscose fabric stretch?

100% Viscose fabric is like rayon and it does not stretch. Many times it is mixed with lycra and then it will stretch.

Can you iron viscose?

Viscose is a very light material that needs to be laundered with care. Yes, you can iron viscose but ensure that the iron is at its lowest setting.

What are the advantages of Viscose?

Viscose material dyes easily and does not shrink when heat is applied to it. It is often mixed with other materials.

Does leather STRETCH?

Yes leather does stretch, but it is not good for the material.

Does 93 percent viscose fabric stretch?

It would depend on what made up the other 7% of the fabric. A fibre like lycra would cause the fabric to have stretch. If the garment is cut on the bias (with the grain of the fabric running at a 45 degree angle to each part of the garment) that allows the garment to drape and stretch more. Also if the material is a knit (rather than a woven) it will have at least some stretch.

What is viscose made of?

Viscose derives its name from the viscous liquid. The material is neither truly natural nor truly synthetic, it falls somewhere in between. The raw material for viscose is cellulose, extracted mainly from wood pulp, which is broken down either mechanically or chemically and reformed into fibres. The furniture made of viscose gives a luxurious look yet is quite affordable. Many stores like furniture zone & sleep shop and others are counted amongst best to offer viscose furniture.

Is toothpaste a solid a gas or a liquid?

It is semi solid mixture / high density viscose material.

What is the round frame used to stretch material taut in embroidery called?

A Tambour; it is used to stretch material in embroidery.

What is wool viscose?

wool viscose

Does polyamide material stretch?


What is viscose Is viscose a type of cotton?


How can you stretch suede shoes?

you can't stretch then.The material isin't stretchy

How is the material cellophane produced?

Cellophane is a type of transparent sheet made from regenerated cellulose. The cellulose solution is dissolved in alkali and carbon disulfide, turning it into viscose. The viscose is then converted back to cellulose.

Can you wash a viscose dress?

The care label will tell you whether it can be washed. Viscose is a semi synthetic/ semi natural fabric ie it is synthesised natural plant material - and should not be washed in biological detergent whose enzymes can seriously affect the fabric - it can shrink as well as deteriorate the fibres. This applies to Rayon and other trade names of viscose and viscose related fabrics.

Dutch word for Viscose?

It's the same: viscose

What is viscose is it a type of cotton?

Viscose rayon is a man-made fiber made from wood pulp though other materials may be used. It is basically modified cellulose. Viscose is very similar to cotton and silk. (Cotton is also made of cellulose). Viscose falls somewhere in between a natural fiber and a man-made one. The raw material for viscose is cellulose which is usually reacted with caustic soda and carbon disulfide. It is reformed as fibers by spinning this viscose solution in an acid bath. Viscose rayon has a silky appearance and feel, and also has the ability to breathe in a manner similar to cotton weaves.

How do you wash a viscose rug?

How do I wash a white viscose rug

Can you stretch water colour pad paper?

no- it will only tear. Canvas is the only material you can stretch

Is viscose warm?

No, Viscose s a man made material, it is pretty resilient doesn't crease easily, but it is better for Spring and Autumn. Warm materials are silk and wools (lambs, angora, merino and Cashmere being the warmest)

A material that undergoes tensional stress tends to?


Were does viscose come from?

Viscose is a product derived from the chemical processing of wood.

Does viscose absorb water?

no, viscose doesn,t absorb water.

Difference between viscose fiber and modal fiber?

Viscose and modal both are semi synthetic fibre, where the modal has more wet strength than viscose and have less shiny than viscose

How do you identyfy cotton yarn and viscose yarn?

If you had a length of cotton yarn and a length of viscose (or rayon, is another word for viscose), yarn and you were attempting to differentiate between the two, it is tricky. I would suggest that you wet both strands of yarn, and pull them. The rayon will stretch more and be less strong than the cotton. The rayon will also absorb more water than the cotton yarn.