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It does if you have the flu or stomach virus.

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Q: Does vitamin water help you when you are sick?
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Why does 7up help when you are sick?

Vitamin c .... nope not vitamin c...Its a substiture for drinking sugar mixed in water. It helps calm your stomach down.

How does oranges help you?

they have vitamin's that are good for you especially when you are sick.

How does vitamin a get you sick?

Vitamin A gets you sick when its too much in your system.

How does vitamin c help a cold?

When you drink orange juice or anything else with vitamin c ,it helps you and your immune system improve for not getting sick.

Vitamin B12 can it make you sick?


Does drinking water help when you're sick?

yes it does but only clean water

Can you get sick from too much vitamin A?


Does drinking water help you from getting sick?

Water is required for the immune system to function properly, but overdrinking will not help.

What does a rabbit drink?

Water and only water. sometimes you may give them special vitamin mix for rabbits in their water but do not let them drink anything else because if you do they will get sick

Can you give a hamster juice?

You can if you want you want your hamster to get very sick!! You should be giving them fresh tap water that is safe to drink. You also have an option to add a vitamin supplement to the water which gives it additional vitamins to help keep him/her healthy.

Does water have Vitamin D or Vitamin A in it?

No, water does not naturally contain Vitamin A or Vitamin D unless it is fortified with them.

Will it help if you give a hamster who is losing its hair special vitamin for the water?

You can put special vitamins in the water but it may not help with the hair loss.

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