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Does water cast a shadow?

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It depends on how you define shadow.

If you define shadow as an area of lessened light caused by objects in the light path, then yes water can and does cast shadows, esp. waves, ripples, etc.

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Do fishes cast shadow in water?

Anything that blocks light will cast a shadow. So, if light is shining on a fish, it will have a shadow.

What cast no shadow?

Glass, 100 percent pure water, and light.

Does the moon cast a shadow?

yes the moon does cast a shadow

Do vampires cast a shadow?

Vampires do not cast a shadow. They do not have a reflection either.

What does cast a shadow mean?

The shadow cast by a form onto a nearby surface.

Can you cast a shadow on the sun?

No. The Sun is too bright for anything to cast a shadow on it.

When was Cast a Bright Shadow created?

Cast a Bright Shadow was created in 2004.

What is the duration of Cast a Dark Shadow?

The duration of Cast a Dark Shadow is 1.37 hours.

What is the duration of Cast a Giant Shadow?

The duration of Cast a Giant Shadow is 2.43 hours.

Why does the moon cast a shadow on only part of the earth?

In Soviet Russia, moon cast shadow on you!

Does an opaque object cast a shadow?

yes it dose cast a shadow because you can not see through it.

Why does the bird table cast a shadow?

because the moon spins on its axis and it has been cast into a shadow

If a flagpole cast a shadow of 7.7m and a pole cast a shadow of 1.2m how tall is the flagpole?


If a 4.9ft tall baby elephant cast a 27ft long shadow then how tall is an adult giraffe that cast a 82.5ft shadow?

if a 4.9ft tall baby elephant cast a 27ft long shadow, then how tall s an adult giraffe that cast a 82.5ft shadow

Is Shadow the hedgehog afraid of water?

No shadow the hedgeog is not afraid of water he can swim, But sonic is afraid of water because unlike shadow he cannot swim.

Can a square cast a non-circular shadow?

Any shadow cast by a square is non-circular.

What does shadow cast by heavenly bodies is called?

When the shadow is cast on another object it is called an eclipse.

How tall is a girl if her shadow is 3 feet?

This completely depends on the positioning of the light source that is casting the shadow. Theoretically, a 6' woman could cast no shadow or could cast an infinite shadow.

Can the earth cast a shadow on the moon?

Yes it can. When the Earth is directly between the Sun and the moon it can cast a shadow on the Moon. This is what we call a lunar eclipse.

Why window pane do not cast shadow?

B/c it's transparent. Only stuff that can block light can cast a shadow.

Does an luminous object cast a shadow?

A luminous object can indeed cast a shadow when there is an even brighter luminous object shining on it.

What is shadow the hedgehogs weakness?

Shadow the Hedgehogs weakness is water

The inner portion of the shadow cast on earth by the moon?

That part of the shadow is the "umbra".

What materials do you need in a shadow experiment?

sunlight and something opaque ( cast a shadow )

Why do birds not cast there shadow while flying?

They do cast shadows.