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The reaction is between the oxygen and the iron.

The water (especially if it is salt water) allows electrical currents to form that speed up the reaction.

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What cause a nail to rust in water?

The oxygen in the water reacts with the metal in the nail - forming metal oxide (rust)

What liquids would make the metal rust?

rust is caused by oxygen bonding to the metal. Water induces rust because it contains oxygen, but any oxidizing agent will cause rust

Does tap water or salt water cause metals to rust faster and why?

Most likely salt water. The salt accelerates the rate of corrosion, plus it has the oxygen needed for the metal to rust. Tap water has the oxygen too but with the salt also, it would cause the metal to rust more rapidly.

Why does heat cause metal to rust faster?

rust is a chemical change it happens when weather is changing. rust jhappens when oxygen and water hit it

Will metal rust underwater?

iron will rust under water due to the oxygen dissovled in the water

Do metals react with oxygen?

Yes, oxygen is in water. Water and metal create rust.

Does blood rust?

no liquids/water don't rust they cause rust on metal objects

Is water the number one cause of rust?

The number one cause of rust is oxygen. Water accelerates the process but it can't happen without oxygen.

Does salt water makes a metal turn into rusts or is it fresh water that turns a metal turn into a rust?

They will both rust metal. Salt water just makes the metal rust faster. However, it is iron combined with oxygen that causes rust. So, if the metal isn't or doesn't contain iron, it will not rust.

How does a car's bumper rust?

Rain and oxygen cause rust to form on metal surfaces. this is called oxidation

What can rust?

Most metal alloys consisting mainly of iron can rust if exposed to oxygen and/or water.

Will metal rust in distilled water?

Yes. It is the bounding of oxygen with the metal that causes oxidation.

Will different liquids affect the process of rust?

This is an extremely broad question. Technically 'rust' only occurs when a metal (typically iron) reacts with oxygen, however colloquially any chemical decay of a metal due to exposure to the elements or age is typically referred to as rust. Water affects the process by providing oxygen for the metal to rust with. Many other elements with oxygen and hydrogen in them cause similar reactions. Traditionally, a thin layer of oil is applied to metal when there is a fear of rust. Because oil and water don't really mix, the layer of oil prevents the water from coming into contact with the metal. There are many other liquids (hydrogen peroxide, for example) that can affect the process of rust, but it would be impossible to name them all. In general, water and many chemicals with hydrogen and oxygen present can cause rust. It's worth noting that fires cause rust because a typical biproduct of fire is water vapor, and the high temperatures accelerate the rate of the reaction. Hope this helps.

What do you need for something to rust?

For something to rust you need oxygen and water. Rust specifically relates to iron (or iron products such as steel); it is iron oxide. When the metal comes into contact with oxygen disolved in water the iron in the metal reacts with the oxygen disolved in the water to form iron oxide - rust. This is why most metals are protected, to stop water and oxygen getting into contact with the metal and causing corrosion i.e. rust. Common methods of protection include galvanising, painting and coating.

What is the cause of rust?

Rust is a chemical reaction to the surfaces of iron or steel becoming damp. When iron or steel get wet, the surface reacts with oxygen in the air and the water (usually rainfall) causing the metal to rust.

What are the conditions necessary for metals to rust?

In order for metal to rust, both oxygen and water must be present. :)

What effects does oxygen have on metals?

Oxygen on metals may have many different effects depending on the metal and what the oxygen is combined with. Oxygen combined with moisture on the metal of steel or iron will cause the metal to rust.

Does steel rust faster in salt water or fresh water?

steel rusts faster in salt water because there is more oxygen in salt water then in fresh, so if the oxygen stays in long-term contact with the metal it causes it to rust. as for fresh tap water doesn't contain as much oxygen which is harder for the metal to rust as fast

What makes iron rust lead nitrogen carbon dioxide or water?

The cause of iron rust is oxygen and water.

Can metal rust without water?

Yes, metal can "rust" without water. Rust is a form of oxidation, and all that is necessary for oxidation to occur is the presence of oxygen. Without water, however, the process of oxidation is vastly slower.

Can water cause iron to rust?

The oxygen from water is the oxidizing agent for iron.

Is to rust in water a physical property?

its a chemical property the metal reacts with the oxygen

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