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What metals dont react with acid oxygen or water?

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A metal that does not react to acid, oxygen or water does not exist.

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What do metals and non-metals form?

metals react with oxygen to form metallic oxide metals react with water to form metal hydrogen with liberation of hydrogen metals react with acid to form metal salts with liberation of hydrogen non metals react with oxygen to form nonmetallic oxide I think metaloids

What are unreactive metals?

metals which dont react with water or acid are called unreactive metals

Doeds acid and metal react to give off oxygen?

No. acids and metals react to give off hydrogen.

What do you get when sulfur and water react?

Sulfur and water do not react. The sulfur has to react with oxygen first to form SO2 . The SO2 and water can then react to form sulfurous acid.

What does metal react with?

metals react with some acid

How do metals react with acid?

Many metals react with acid to liberate hydrogen, and form metal ions. The metal is oxidised.

Which metals react with acid to produced hydrogen?

There are 3 metals that react with acid to produce hydrogen. They are Zinc, Iron, and Magnesium.

Do all metals react with hydrocholric acid?

no all metals do not react with hydrochloric acids

Why don't carbonic acids react with metals?

Carbonic acid does react with metals as similar to the other acids. But in nature, carbonic acid molecule is unstable. It has an equilibrium where carbonic acid dissociates into a water molecule and a carbon dioxide molecule.

Do all metals react with acid then disappear?

No. First of all, the metal does not dissapear. When a a metal reacts with an acid it forms a corresponding salt, which usually then dissolves. Second, whther or not a reaction occurs depends on both the acid and the metal. Most metals will not react with a dilute weak acid. Some metals will not even react with most strong metals. Gold, platinum, and some platinum group metals will not react with acid except for aqua regia, a special mixture of hydrochloric and nitric acid. Ruthenium will not react with acid at all.

What metal reacts with acids?

Lots of metals react with acids. It depends on exactly what acid, and the concentration of that acid. A mixture of concentrated nitric acid and hydrochloric acid (aqua regia, royal water) will react with gold and other precious metals. The alkali metals will react readily with acid, as will most metals. You have to know that any metal with incomplete orbital has the ability to react with any proton donating species. (proton donating species are acids according to Bronston-Lowry theory)

Do all metals react with hydrochloric acid to give hydrogen gas?

No, inert metals as Gold, Platinum and Palladium do not react with hydrochloric acid.

Why do some metals not react with acid?

Metals whose surfaces are "passivated" by for example the formation of an insoluble oxide do not react with acid. An example is aluminium which is resistant to dilute acid.

Which metal and acid would react together to give off oxygen?

Most metals react with acids to give off hydrogen. Only very nonreactive metals, like gold and platinum do not react with metals. An example would be: Calcium + Hydrochloric Acid = Calcium chloride + Hydrogen gas (Ca +2 HCl = CaCl2 + H2)

What metals react with water and acid?

Many transition metals will react with acids to form a salt and hydrogen gas. For example, zinc will react with hydrochloric acid to form the black-colored solid zinc chloride and hydrogen. The formula is: Zn+2HCl-->ZnCl2+H2. The group 1 and 2 metals will often react with water, sometimes explosively. Sodium reacts with water to produce sodium hydroxide and hydrogen. The formula is: 2Na+2H2O-->2NaOH+H2. The reactivity series of metals (see wikipedia -Reactivity series) shows a list of the metals that react.

Does oxygen react to light acid air or water?

Oxygen does not react with air or water. Nothing actually "reacts" with light as it is not a substance. It can induce a reaction in some substance, but not oxygen. Oxygen will, however react with some acids mostly organic ones, at high temperatures.

What elements react violently with water and hydrochloric acid?

The Elements that react violently with Both water and Hydrocloric acid are: * Lithium * Sodium * Potassium * Rubidium * Caesium * Francium Otherwise known as the Alkali Metals.

What does technetium react to?

Technetium react with oxygen, halogens, oxygen, sulfur, selenium, tellurium, boron, carbon etc. and can form alloys with metals.Technetium is dissolved in inorganic acids excepting hydrochloric acid.

Will all metals react with an acid?

No, there are many metals which do not react with acid. Metals from copper downwards in the reactivity series do not react with acids (though you can get a different sort of reaction with concentrated oxidising acids). In addition, reactions which produce an insoluble salt, such as lead and dilute sulfuric acid, react only sluggishly. Some metals have a coherent oxide coating which prevents reaction with dilute acids, e.g. aluminium, and others quickly develop such a coating in concentrated nitric acid.

What two substances react with acid to produce hydrogen gas?

Metals react with acid to produce hydrogen gas. Water reacts with acid to produce hydrogen ions. Electric current reacts with acid to produce hydrogen gas.

Does hydrogen gas liberate when metals react with carbonic acid?

By definition metals above hydrogen should react with acids to produce hydrogen and a metal salt when mixed, but carbonic acid is a weak acid and it won't react as much like sulfuric acid.

What is formed when a metal reacts with water?

With Cold Water = Metal Hydroxide. With Hot Water = Nothing An acid is formed when certain metals react with water

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