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No. Hydrogen combines with oxygen to make water.


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Hydrogen and Oxygen.A water molecule is made of two hydrogen and one oxygen atom.

2 hydrogen atoms combine with 1 oxygen atom to make water.

Hydrogen and oxygen (H2O) form water. So there is one Hydrogen atom and 2 Oxygen atoms to make a water molecule.

h2o, waterAnswer:Hydrogen and oxygen can combine to make:H2O: WaterH2O2: Hydrogen peroxideOH-: Hydroxide ionH2O3: Trioxidane, hydrogen trioxide or dihydrogen trioxide

2 Hydrogen atoms can combine with 1 Oxygen atom to make water. H2O

Hydrogen and oxygen combine explosively in a single reaction.

Two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom will combine to make a water molecule.

No. If you simply mix hydrogen and oxygen you just have a mixture of H2 and O2 gasses that remain chemically distinct from one another. If you ignite the mixture the hydrogen and oxygen will combine to make water molecules.

Water, H2O, is a molecule of hydrogen and oxygen. It is considered a compound. That said, yes, oxygen and hydrogen combine to make a compound that is represented by the molecule H2O.

A lot of stuff, including hydrogen to make water

hydrogen is used to make different chemicals. if you combine it with oxygen it makes water.

Hydrogen combines with oxygen to form water. The reaction is two molecules of hydrogen gas (H2) and one molecule of oxygen gas (O2) to form two molecules of water (H2O).

They combine by the elements combining. For example, to make H2O you have to combine hydrogen and oxygen.

They do not have any ice on them where are the hydrogen and oxygen atoms in space that can combine to make water

When two atoms of hydrogen combine with one atom of oxygen- water is made H2O

No, liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen would be rather explosive and in fact has been used for rocket fuel. Alternate answer: No, while water is comprised of Hydrogen and Oxygen, the two usually combine when in a gaseous form.

The composition of H2O is 2 Hydrogen atoms with 1 Oxygen atom. When you combine them they make water.

it makes water but hydrogen + oxygen might not combine property so it will be very hard to make water but with hydrogen it is very cold and that is why water is pretty cold and when the two gases are combined they will never disconnect from each other and that is why we got steam instead of more oxygen and hydrogen.

Plants split Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and combine Hydrogen (H) with Oxygen (O2) to make Water (H20)

Hydrogen exists in water and methane, Pure hydrogen as an element is very rare in earth's atmosphere. Normally hydrogen is naturally found combined with other elements. A prime example of this is in water. Hydrogen and oxygen combine to make water.

the best and easiest way to make pure water is to combine oxygen and hydrogen (note: do not attempt! large amounts of energy will be released!)

One atom of Oxygen and two atoms of Hydrogen combine to form a water molecule by the shearing electrons, water has the chemical formula H2O.

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