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Does water run through the drain system all the time?

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No, only when water is run into it.

2006-08-08 04:17:02
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Why does the water drain from the toilet bowl over time?

It doesn't drain, it evaporates!

Who invented the sewage system?

The sewage system is as old as time itself. People in 4,000 B.C in India used holes in the ground to drain dirty water into nearby rivers.

You removed the petcock from your radiator but it wont drain?

remove bottom radiator hose to drain system. flush system a few time before adding antifreeze.

What causes a drain to clog How can someone clean a clogged drain?

Over time many drains build up and narrow from soap scum, grease, hair and other residue. Sometimes it helps just to run very hot water through the drain and use a small drain snake that can be purchased at a hardware store.

Do i need a tub for the washing machine to drain can't i just drain it into a drain pipe?

You can drain it directly into a drain pipe. Just make sure the the top of the drain pipe is even with the top of the washing machine. If not, the water from the washing machine will drain all of the time. There is no valve in the machine to stop the water from draining. The washing machine drains using a pump motor.

How does a trap primer work?

An automatic trap primer works by pumping water into a drain trap. The water is sent from a cold water line in small amounts each time the line runs water. There must be an air gap between the drain water and the fresh water line. The simpler manual trap primer is provided by your usage of the drain. For a seldom used drain pour water into it every few months. A little mineral oil in the drain will slow the evaporation by sealing the water from the room air.

Where is the Peugeot 106 cylinder drain plug for the cooling system located?

Answer for cylinder drain plug for 106Hello I`m from Poland. I came to England one year ago and i bought this peugeot 106. I drain cooling system , horrible job...but all you have to do is to disconnect the bottom thick black rubber hose which is going to the cooler ( the water or some liquid should be there so be careful.All you have to do is to take stupid clip off from this hose ( if rusty it will be difficult. Answeras above but make sure when u refill the rad there are 2 bleed valves in the system there is 1 on the rad an a Allen key bolt located on top of the water pump only do 1 at a time and allow for water to run through befor tightening

How can i pump out a large inflatable pool and drain through garden hose away from area?

Syphon - ensure the bottom of the pipe is lower than the top, suck the water through and it will keep flowing. A standard 3/4" hose will take a LONG time to drain a large pool, but you can use multiple hoses...

What do you do if you have too much salt in your swimming pool?

Drain some water out, a little at a time, and add fresh water.

Why dont people fall out og roller coasters at the amusement park?

Water swirls down a drain because the hole that the water is sucked down into is small to create a tornato. Water swirls down a drain because of gravity force. Water swirls down a drain because the world rotates all the time, creating a round or swirl movement in a drain.

Drain Cleaning?

If you are running a commercial kitchen establishment in Kildare, Dublin, then you need to get regular drain cleaning Kildare too. This is a necessary step for complete compliance with the Dublin City Council standards as well as for keeping your establishment clean and hygienic. For more details, visit greasetrapcleaning. ie.

There is a drain at the bottom of the refrigerator where does it drain?

The condensation received and goes down the drain pipe enters a pan where over time it evaporates as the water is a trickle and does not over load the pan in most cases

How do you fix noisy drain pipes only on winter time?

drain must be freezing some where, when water is added it thaws and may cause gurgling,

What happens if you put oil in your antifreeze?

Nothing if you drain it out and flush the cooling system. Oil is not a good coolant, and the water pump will have a hard time pumping it, so the vehicle will overheat if you do not remove the oil.

What happens to the water that flows into a septic tank?

It collects in the tank and either evaporates over time or if more water goes into the tank than it can hold it outflows into whats called a drain field. It flows through perforated pipes into the area around the septic tank where it is filtered through and into the soil.

What is jet cleaning drain lines?

Water Jet drain cleaning uses high pressure water from a special hose tip. The tip squirts water backward to propel the hose and tip forward, and to flush the drain at the same time as it sprays a high pressure stream straight out in front to clear the blockage.

How much water should you drink to get weed out of you system?

Water can not get weed out of your system. Nothing except time can.

What is excreta disposal with water carriage?

Excreta disposal via water carriage is any time water carries away human waste. The most common example of this is through a plumbing system, with a flushing toilet.

How to sanitize a water tank?

Start with an almost full and fresh water tank. Turn the water heater off and let the water cool. Dilute 1/4 cup of household bleach for each 15 gallons of tank capacity in to a gallon of water. Add the chlorine or water solution to the water tank. (Do not pour straight bleach into the RV fresh water tank. ) Let the chlorinated water run through them for 1 or 2 minutes one faucet at a time. You should be able to smell the chlorine. Make sure you are using the water pump and not an external water supply. Top off the RV fresh water tank and let stand for at least three hours over night is better. Drain the system completely by flushing the faucets for several minutes each. Open the fresh water tank drain valve to speed up emptying the tank. Open the hot water tank drain plug and drain until it is empty. Close all valves and faucets and drain plugs. Fill water tank with fresh water. Flush each faucet for several minutes each repeating until the tank is again empty. (Make sure you are using the water pump and not an external water supply.) Fill the tank again. The water should now be safe to drink but if the chlorine odor is too strong you can repeat the fresh water flush. Your RV fresh water system should now be safe to use.

Why would water gurgle back up out of the washer drain?

I am assuming that the question means the water backs up when the washer is used. When the washer drains, it forces a significant amount of water into your pipes in a fairly short period of time. If your pipes are even partially blocked, this large quantity of water can overload the system. However, if this problem occurs at times other than when you do laundry, and there are no other indications of slow or blocked drain lines, I am stumped.

What does the fuel filter light mean on a E350 diesel engine?

Means you have water in system. There is a pull type drain cable left of center under the hood that looks like a transmission dip stick that should save fuel water drain right on it. If you pull it fuel/water will drain out the bottom end. Make sure you push back in because if has'nt been used chance ar it will stick. probably time to chance fuel filter located in valley between heads and behind fuel distributor.

What is efficiency based on system?

System Efficiency can be said with the:Technology used for the SystemThe Response Time of the SystemThe Memory Usage of the SystemThrough-Put of the SystemThe Processing time and the Hardware it needed to process

A pool can be filled with water in 10 hours Draining the pool requires 20 hours If the pool is empty and the drain is open how much time will be needed to fill the pool?

Trick question. The pool is empty but the drain is open. With an open drain, the pool will never fill, unless the water entering exceeds the water draining.True,-----------> 20 hours

Can water travel through a cement floor?

Yes, concrete is porous and water will move through it over time.

Why would water be leaking from the tailpipe of a 2005 Chevy Silver ado?

If its water and not antifreeze, Then that is called condensation, Its winter time and the exhaust system is cold and when heat flows through it, it starts to sweat.