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Q: Does weed have a reaction with a tetanaus shot?
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Can you have an allergic reaction to a tetnus shot?

Yes, you can have a allergic reaction to any shot. All the shot is is a little bit of the virus:)

What type of business is the easiest to set up?

shot weed

What is the difference between an action shot and a reaction shot?

An action is something you proactively choose to do. A reaction is something you do as a response to a stimulus.

Does gardasil react with marijuana in any way?

I just got my shot in the morning, then smoked in the afternoon. I'm not positive yet if it was a bad reaction from the shot and the type of weed but I had a horrible trip, I threw up, and I stopped breathing at a point. Word of advice: No matter what, do not smoke after getting the shot. Worst experience of my life.

Where was Malcom X shot?

malcom x got shot by a man and fell down to earth and started smokin weed

Dog reacting to distemper shot remedies?

A dog can have a anaphalactic reaction to any shot it receives. Basically they go into shock as a result of the shot. This is not common but if your dog is having a reaction to a shot you should immediately get them back to your veterinarian.

What was dally's reaction before he got shot?

in the outsiders

What kind of drugs did Tupac do?

Weed, Cocaine and before he got shot in Vegas he injected Heroine Actually, Tupac was no where near high or intoxicated the night he was shot he was very much sober. And I believe Tupac only did weed.

How did drake get into young money?

Smoked a lot of weed and got shot 5 times

What does weed do to pupils?

Makes them bigger, white part goes blood shot (sometimes)

Is redness and swelling of the arm after a pneumonia shot an allergic reaction or a normal side effect?

Normal side effects of the pneumonia shot is swelling and soreness at the area the shot was given. If you have concerns about an allergic reaction, you should consult your physician!

Does smoking weed make you get purple lips Why?

Not usually. Could be an allergic reaction. Better be careful.

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