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Q: Does your car insurance go up when you put body kit in your car and had a paint job done?
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Where can I find information about automotive paint and body work?

Well you can go to a body shop and get the repair work done for paint jobs and your car's body. They can be very expensive but well worth it when you get it done.

How much paint does it take to paint a car?

depends on the color of ur paint red is the highest and white is the cheapest and how much body work needs done

Where can I get Hagerty classic car insurance ?

Hagerty insurance gave you the right information about the car insurance they help you to reccorect your money when damage done to car as insurance try out now

How do you paint car?

Prep body, primer, paint, finish, let dry

Does human body insurance insurance?

I need answer why human body inssurance does not exist, like car insurance/liability insurance or full coverage.

Whose insurance should pay if you get in an accident in your friend's car and damage is done to the car?

Insurance follows the vehicle, not the driver.

Do I need insurance if I have my license but no car?

Would you need health insurance is you had no body?

Will a insurance company pay for the damages done to your car by someone who stole it?

Insurance is supposed to return the car to the condition it was before it was stolen.

Is Sainsburys car insurance quality insurance and affordable?

"Sainsburys is a bank in the UK that does offer car insurance. From the research that I have done, they do offer a good quality as well as affordable insurance for your vehicle."

Can you have two insurance policies for one car?

yes, it depends on what kind of insurance you have. i have done it through Geico

How do you paint an RC car body?

first take a clear body and paint it white. then take the colors you want and spray. make sure you do this in the inside of the body.

Is comprehensive car insurance recommended for a brand new car?

Comprehensive auto insurance covers all physical damage to car. If you car is brand new, then the scratch-free paint job is an asset. If you get comprehensive auto insurance, you can claim damages when your car will eventually get scratched in the course of use.

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