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The entry on a credit report will be (should be) deleted after the seven years expires. This does not mean the debt is not still valid and subject to collection procedures. Not true. Each state has a Statute of Limitations (SOL), usually around 4 years or so. After that they can scream and bi#ch, but can't file against you. Send them a Cease and Desist Letter with the date you quit paying, with a return signature requested. If they don't stop (but they probably will) contact your attorney generals' office to file a complaint. The ~7 years and 180 days clock begins to tick after the last time you paid on it. If you pay anything, even $1.00, you start the clock again. In a few states if you admit to the debt, the clock starts again. If you file bankruptcy it will take longer. If you use someone like CCCS and then can't pay, it will take longer. Student loans and a few other debts (like taxes and child support) have special rules. Count 7 years and 180 days, then check your credit. They must take the remainder off, by law. Remember, these agencies are not the government. They are private, for- profit companies who must follow the law.

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Q: Does your credit card debt fall off after 7 years?
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Does your credit card debt fall off after 7 years automatically?

No. If you wish to redeem the debt you need either to go bankrupt (legally) or enter into an arrangement to pay off the debt. If you livew in the UK go and see the Citizens Advice Center to help you with this.

How long will bad credit card debt stay on credit reports in Ohio?

In the majority of situations, bad credit items are supposed to fall off your credit report after 7 years, HOWEVER, this doesn't always happen. After the fall of date has passed, it is best to get a copy of your credit report to insure that negative items have been removed. Know your rights and get a Free Copy of Your Credit Report from the credit bureau

Advice on how to help my bad credit score.?

To help improve your credit score, you must pay off any debt that you have incurred on a credit card. Then you must limit your spending so that you do not fall back into debt and to show that you are serious about bettering your financial condition.

Does foreclosure show on credit report after bankruptcy?

It does yes, but only for seven years after it happened. This is because the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) specifies that anything on your credit report can only be on it for seven years after inactivity. Inactivity means that you have not had anything to do with it. For example, lets say you had a delinquent credit debt and did nothing with it for seven years, it would fall off your credit report. But even if you paid 1 dollar to this debt 6 years and 364 days after it's date, it would be on for another seven years.

If a collection account isn't a credit card does it fall off your credit report immediately once it is paid?

No. Negative entries concerning all creditor debts remain on the consumer's credit report for the required 7 years.

Do you still have to pay a credit card debt after seven years?

Unless there are some unusual circumstances, the answer would be a resounding YES. You might be confusing this issue with the amount of time some credit problems stay on your credit record. Here is more input and advice: * Why wouldn't you? It's your debt and it's your responsibility to pay it back. * Why would you? If it has been 7 years it will fall off your credit report, if you pay it now it will be on the credit report for another 7 years as a paid collection account. * Paying an old collection account will not extend the reporting period for another 7 years. This is a fallacy and is completely incorrect. The Fair Credit Reporting Act establishes time limits for how long derogatory information can be displayed on you credit. You can read the text for yourself by following links at * A charge off or other debt being expunged from a credit report does not make the debt invalid or uncollectible. States set SOL's pertaining to open accounts, verbal and written contracts and so forth. The expiration of the state SOL for credit card debt simply means that the creditor cannot file a lawsuit. Statutes of Limitations are subject to interpretation by the presiding judge and other circumstances, for example if the debtor paid even a token amount on a debt the SOL could be invalid. If sued it is the debtor/defendant's responsibility to envoke the SOL expiration as a defense, it is not automatically granted.

What are the last three numbers on the credit card?

nobody fall for the scam

How many years does it take for credit to fall off?

A good credit history will remain on your report. The negative credit reported will usually fall off in around 7 years. Judgments will stay on your credit report until they are satisfied.

If had unpaid debt for credit card and car loans in Texas how long until the statute of limitations apply?

First thing you can not go to jail for your debt. It's in the constitution the U.S has no debter prison. The unpaid bills will be on your credit report for at least 8 years. Traditionally every 8 years the information on your credit report resets. This information doesn't completely reset, information from say seven years past will still be there. The stuff that has been sent to collections will sometimes be there. Bankruptcy stays on your credit for ten years. When you lose a home, you are buying stays on there for ten years.The way most credit card companies handle what you owe them, they sell to a collection agency. This is called a [charge off], the agency buys your bill from the credit card company. It is bought pennies on the dollar. Then it is the collection agency's job to collect from you. The collection agency can and will usually get a judgment against you. Judgments can expire, but it can be renewed through the court every several years before the judgment expires. The car loans fall into the same pattern.

Why credit card not considered money?

because a credit card purchase is a loan, a promise to pay back in the future. it does not fall under the definitions of money (m1,2,3)

Are there statutes of limitations for collection of credit card debt?

Yes. [ADDED-see below] The SOL depends on the state and type of agreement. Also note that credit card debt is called an open end account. The SOL for debts that have expired (no longer required to pay) is not the same SOL used by credit bureaus. Take a look at the following site http:/ and Just because the SOL has expired on a debt does not mean you do not owe the debt. Very few states extinguish the debt on expiration of SOL. When the SOL expires it just means that they can not sue you and win if you show up in court and use expired SOL as a defense. They can continue to attempt to collect on a debt forever. Items fall off your credit report 7 - 7.5 years from the DOFD, which is set by the OC and is federally mandated. This date can not change. SOL is state mandated and varies from state to state.

How long does a debetor have to collect before the debt becomes nul and void?

Creditors can try to collect forever. The SOL for filing suit is different for different kinds of debt in different states. Once this SOL is past, you can not successfully sue you for the debt. If you are sued after this SOL is up, you have to tell the judge that the debt is past the SOL. That along with a copy of a credit report showing the DOLA is more than the SOL. Most debt will then fall off your CR's after 7 years. The OC has 7 years from the charge off date to claim the loss on tax returns. Most credit card issuers will claim this the next year after to get the loss off their books. This is called 'writing off the debt'. At this point the debt is erased from the OC's general ledger. Once this happens, the debt no longer exists. A debt collector can still try to collect on it, but, you no longer have an obligation to pay. This is a good defense for Debt buyers.

How long does it take for a credit card to fall of your credit?

credit card information should automatically purge from your credit bureau 6 years from the date of last activity. ie) if you pay your account in full (nil balance) on June, 2012 (DLA=date of last activity) and you do not use the account, the account should purge on June, 2018

Does bad credit fall off after 7 years?


Will unpaid student loan debt come off a person's credit after seven years?

IMO-most unpaid debts fall off the credit report after seven years FROM THE LAST PAYMENT!!! Ex-If you have not paid down a debt after six yrs then pay 1/3 of the debt yesterday, the 7 yrs begins again as of yesterday. IMO- I believe the 7 yrs may also begin again if the debt is sold to a collection agency because now you owe a different company therefore-new debt. It is illegal for a collection agency to change the date on a debt. It is not a new debt. Agencies that do that violate the fair debt collection practices act.

Can a credit debt be collected after 7 years?

Excellent question! The answer is YES! A debt can only be reported for seven years on your credit report, and then, by law, it must fall off your report. But this has nothing to do with the viability of the debt, which remains collectible, theoretically forever. However, once the debt passes the state statute of limitations, the collector may no longer sue to collect the debt. At this point, many collectors will write off the debt, and issue the debtor a 1099 form for the debt as income. Recent changes to the IRS tax laws make this more likely to occur. Once this happens, the debt is null and void, as it has been forgiven by the collector.

When will a credit card debt fall off your record if it was first delinquent in 2002 in Arizona And what is the statute of limitations on this debt?

My ex-husband was ordered to pay the credit card debts when we divorced. He never paid them and I have never been able to pay them. He died in 2004 and because he had not AGREED to pay these debts, his estate could not be held accountable for them (even though there was a court order). I gave up a huge portion of our joint property so that he would take on the debt and I am still angry that neither the court OR my own attorneys protected me properly.

I have paid my default in full can i have it remove from my credit file?

No, it will show on your credit report as a paid collection/judgement and will fall off of your credit report in 7 years. After you pay the debt keep all receipts and check your credit report in about 60 days to make sure they reported it as paid. Many collection companies never report it paid.

Can you settle out of court if you have committed credit card ID fraud or do you have to be prosecuted?

If the credit card issuer files a complaint of fraud it will be up to the State's Attorney General to decide whether or not to prosecute. Some credit card fraud/crimes often fall under Federal jurisdiction. It is usually a felony, the classification depends upon how the information/card was used.

Why are people that refuse to use credit cards discriminated against?

Credit cards are good and bad. People need them to make reservations, the business needs to have a way to charge you for their expense if you fall through on the reservation or they would lose money. Hotels use your credit card, although you can pay in cash or check (if they accept it) because they must also have a way to charge you if there is damage. Regular stores don't have a problem with cash when purchasing goods. Services are a bit different, but I have never run into one that didn't take my cash. Credit cards are bad for the reason of debt. People get into it too easily without thinking of consequences. For that, I applaud anyone who has no credit card debt. You will want a credit card on hand for businesses who descriminate - then just pay off the balance. Your credit score goes up if you have credit accounts - whether you use them or not. Perhaps a more detailed question would be helpful in getting a more detailed answer.

Is it legal for a credit card company to double the amount borrowed if you fall back on payments?

Credit card companies can charge what they like in fees. It's up to the user to make sure they use the card responsibly - and not default n payments. However - doubling the amount owed on the card is rare !

If you call about a negative credit item to ask questions and it is close to the seven year fall off mark will your phone call start the time over?

if your debt in question is that close to 7 yrs, i would not call on it. You can however call the credit bureau (equifax, experian, or transunion) and ask questions. Your debt will clear your credit report by the month and year, of the date of last activity on that debt 7 yrs. later.

Can your employer withhold the outstanding balance on your company sponsored credit card from your final paycheck if you are terminating and you signed an initial agreement giving permission for this?

Yes. If they "sponsored" the credit card, they are guaranteeing the debt. After you are no longer an employee they have no way to know that you would pay off the debt. If the card was used for company expenses, you should get reimbursed for those expenses. If they were personal expenses why should the company be responsible for them? Thank you Redbeard for this answer. Can I assume by your answer that this would not fall under the Fair Labor Credit Act requirements of percentage of disposable earnings and that it would be okay if this reduced their pay to below the minimum hourly wage for hours worked? Can you site any regs or laws you would use to prove the answer? Anything would help.

What might happen if your credit card number and credit history fell into the wrong hands?

It could be used for identiy theft for one. Or to apply for another credit card, then run up charages in that person's name. A lot of damage can be done when personal infomation, such as card numbers, SS #, etc. fall into the "wrong hands." And as statistics prove, it camn and does wreak havoc with a consumer's life as well as credit.

If I have had a car repossessed should I try to pay on it to help my credit report or should I just let it fall off my credit report after seven years?

Let it fall off. Be alot more careful the next time.