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Does your stomach expand from constipation?

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due to my stomach issues, i had constipation.

Prior to the common answer for this,the diaphragm does NOT! allow the stomach to expand. Rugae is the anatomical structure that allows the stomach to expand.

If the rice is not completely saturated it will expand in your stomach.

Possibly. It depends on your weight. If you are heavy, you would get pains in your stomach from constipation. If your light weighted, you should't get it. If you are light and you get. There is another thing with you.

Yes, raw noodles do expand in your stomach when you eat them. However, they do not expand very much at all.

Stomach Cramps and Constipation

Folds or wrinkles called Rugae allow the stomach to expand by unwrinkling

The purpose is to allow the stomach to expand.

allow your stomach to expand when you eat.

.eating too much will make your stomache expand

Constipation can affect slightly your stomach. However, defecation doesn't, if you eat enough fiber.

rugae and they allow the stomach to expand.

Because stomach is elastic and it is responsible for propelling and mixing chymes inside it. The food that enters the stomach is called chyme. Rugae enables the stomach to expand. And there are three portions of the stomach. The cardiac, fundic (which is the temporary storage of chymes), and the pylorus.

The stomach can expand upto three times the size that it is when empty. The abdomen (i.e the belly/waist/tummy - collectively, everything below the line of the ribcage) can expand far more than the stomach can, due to weight gain etc...

No, marshmallows begin to break down by amylases in saliva. And, in the stomach, gastric juices further break down the sugars in marshmallows to dissolve them down. So, marshmallows don't expand, they liquify in the stomach.

Stomach spasms or cramps can be associated with many conditions. The most common causes are diarrhea, constipation, and irritable bowel syndrome.

Constipation doesn't exactly make you feel sick. Constipation is just when your stomach doesn't agree with what you had and starts working up something that makes you feel constipated. So, constipation doesn't make you feel sick. IT just depends on how constipated you are.

It depends on your body's reaction. Some people have stomach problems while taking steroids (such as Prednisone) such as diarrhea or constipation. I'm currently using steroids for a disease flare up and they cause me constipation.

Allows it to expand and fill with food.

These ridges are fat and they allow the stomach to expand. This allows the stomach to store more food while digesting.

The lack of eating can harm and effect the functions of the stomach, intestines, and bowels.

Transitional epithelim lines hollow organs that expand from within including the bladder and the stomach.

Chronic constipation is characterized by long-term bloating of the stomach, frequent headaches, and irritability, as well as recurring inability to make frequent bowel movements.

No the rice will expand in there stomach and make them explode. 

yes, slightly, until you burp them

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