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Q: Don Mashak wants to know POLITICIANS JUDGES - Should they take a lie detector with central theme - During last term did you do anything the average voter considers a violation of oath of office?
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Is Pinocchio honest?

Unlike politicians, he has a built in lie-detector which increases the size of his nose in proportion to the magnitude of the fib.

How do you pass a detector?

By not carrying anything that it will detect, of course.

Can a fire extinguisher set off a smoke detector?

A smoke detector that relies on optics would be affected by anything in the air that decreased visibility inside the detector.

Is it okay to take my radar detector out and put it in my trunk when I drive through Virginia?

It's illegal to use a radar detector in Virginia,but they can't do anything if you're obviously not using it.

Can anything other than a human or large animal trigger an infrared motion detector?

Yes, wind or pockets of air with a different temperature than surroundings can trigger a motion detector. Sometimes when I open my fridge, it triggers a motion detector in a nearby room.

What is the difference between detector and diode detector?

difference between detector and diode

What is the palindrome for detector?

"radar" is a palindrome for detector.

What is a palindrome for detector?

Radar is a palindrome for detector.

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i just asked for a frequency detector jst as brain wave detector.

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You do not need a gravitational wave detector. You can do nothing with it. You can not do anything with it that we know about at present. You can do nothing with any basic scientific research! No one could do anything with Albert Einstein's Theory of Relativity when he developed it. No one could do anything with it the basic research done about it. It was worthless. Today you can use a copy machine. You can watch satellite TV. You can use a GPS. A gravitational wave detector is just one more worthless experiment concerned with the Theory of Relativity.

Which detector is used in tv receivers?

Diode detector

How rain detector works?

How does a rain detector works

How is carbon monoxide detected exactly how does a carbon monoxide detector work?

There is not a detector like that. But there is a CO2 detector.

What actors and actresses appeared in Detector - 2007?

The cast of Detector - 2007 includes: Greg Joseph as Detector

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5M Detector to Detector

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FM detector And Evelope detector

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Remove the batteries from the back of the detector.

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Detector - film - was created in 2000.

What is the palindrome meaning detector?

Radar is a palindrome that means "detector."

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he invented the iron lung a metal detector the silver dart photophone and do your reach

What is the application of room noise detector what is the objective of room noise detector What are the modified application of the room noise detector?


How does a cobra detector work?

A cobra detector is a radar detector. Radar detectors work the same way a radio receiver does. The radar detector looks for frequencies that a radar gun uses.

Where can you use a metal detector?

Depending on which sort of metal detector you are using, it can have a strong detector which with a strong one you can use on grass and mud , but weak source of detector might not pick that up.

What is is a passive ground detector?

it is a detector that does not change the conditions in which it is being used

What year was the metal detector invented and by who?

what year was the metal detector invented and by who