Donuts are good yes?

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yes donuts are really really good and you should savor every bite of it. s think they are unhealthy but they actually are so tell your parents to buy a huge box of it. GOOD JOB

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Q: Donuts are good yes?
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Are donuts good?

Yes, donuts are very delicious, yet very good for you

Are glazed donuts kosher Yes or no?

Are donuts good for you?

no donuts are bad for you

Are Krispy Kreme donuts good?

Yes, Krispy Kreme donuts are SO good, that you wont stop eating them...If you like donuts that is. And even if you don't like donuts, it's better than all the one's you've ever tasted

Is gluten in donuts?

YES, Donuts are made from wheat, but there are gluten free donuts out there.

Are donuts vegetarian?

Yes...donuts don't have meat in them.

Can you freeze donuts?

Yes, you can safely freeze donuts.

Why do donuts fly?

Because donuts are the rulers

What is a good name for donut shop?

Donut HoleDonut,DonutSweetStop Donuts*your name's* DonutsYumYum DonutsSmile Donuts.

Are chocolate donuts better than powdered donuts?

Yes, absolutly.

What is liberalize?

donuts are good

Is Dunkin' Donuts considered a restaurant?

Yes, it is considered a resturant! DONUTS!

Do donuts have sugar in them?

Yes. Donuts usually have a fairly large amount of sugar in them.

Do you love donuts?


Are donuts bad?


Do donuts contain gluten?

donuts do have gluten unless it is titled gluten free Try Kinnikinnik brand for Donuts. They are very good.

What would a good slogan be for Homer Simpson?

Doh! the donuts, Mmmm donuts (drewls)

How good are donuts?

Very good to very, very good.

Do donuts have eggs in them?

In general yes, donuts have eggs in them. Donuts are made with batter, which includes milk, flour, eggs and a pinch of salt.

How do donuts go bad?

Yes, donuts can go bad. So don't save them

What's good conflict?


Are donuts vegan?

Yes, so long as they are fried in vegetable oil. Make sure the donuts are made without using eggs or dairy products. Nutrilicious brand donuts are vegan. Dunkin donuts offers vegan donuts.

Are donuts confectionery item?


Can you get sick from old donuts?


Are glazed donuts a sweet?