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The entire world has pollution problems, and while Australia's do not compare to those of many other countries, they are still an issue.

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Q: Dose Australia have many pollution problems?
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Is correct grammar of this sentence if air pollution is not controlled it cause many problems?

If air pollution is not controlled, it can/will cause many problems.

Does Romania have a clean environment?

No, Romania has many problems of pollution.

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There are 150 representatives

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Today people have many problems like traffic, pollution, corruption, inflation rate.

What are the problems in the savanhs?

If you mean problems in the ecosystem, then there is a great increase in poaching, habitat lose, and pollution, as with many other ecosystems.

Introduction to vehicular pollution?

In our day to day life we observing many problems such as vehicular pollution. vehicular pollution means pollution caused by the vehicles

What general factors have contributed to many of the environmental problems facing global society?


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the answer is it can kill u if u hurt urself

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pollution and many other things that affect our earth

If you breathe in Air Pollution could you become immune to it?

no, cause air pollution comes in so many different forms, no one person could possibly become immune to every form of air pollution. ____ Unfortunately, air pollution doesn't work like that. The health problems that it causes are usually accumulative... meaning that the more you breathe it, the more likely you are to encounter health problems. Getting away from the pollution and allowing your lungs to recover is the best thing you can do to avoid problems.<br>

What are the major problems caused by air pollution in Haiti?

good question.. well many people in Haiti dont have cars and there are not many factories in Haiti especially since the earthquake. Air pollution can cause disease, filthy water, and more problems like that basically concerning their health.

What ocean pollution problems does Spain have?

The pollution of the Atlantic Ocean kills and harms the sea creatures living there. The Mediterranean Sea also has alot of pollution. This pollution also kills and harms many of the sea creatures, people can be hurt by the uncleanliness or can become very ill or sick.