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=no Shane gray does not like Selena Gomez=

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Does Selena Gomez have gray hairs?

Well, considering she is only 17 or 18 she doesn't.

How old is Shane Gray in Camp Rock?

The movie does not state how old Shane Gray is. Let's just say he's 19, because Joe Jonas, who plays Shane Gray, just turned 19.

Who plays Shane in camp rock?

Joe Jonas plays Shane Gray.

What would Selena Gomez wear to go shopping?

I think she will wear skinny jeans with a purple tank top,gray sweater,boots,purple & silver necklace,and her hair down.

Why is Kevin Jonas so into bird houses?

He's not...his character on Camp Rock, Jason Gray, just wanted Shane Gray to make him a birdhouse while Shane was at camp, that's all.

What are the units of measurement for radiation?

rad ------- Dose equivalent: sievert (Sv) Absorbed dose/time: gray/second (Gy/s) Absorbed dose: gray Exposition: coulomb/kilogram (C/kg)

Is Shane the Jonas dating someone?

Shane the Jonas? Do you mean Joe Jonas? (played Shane Gray in Camp Rock)? If so, he's dating teen popstar Demi Lovato.

Who were the Jonas Brothers in Camp Rock?

Joe Jonas was Shane Gray. Nick Jonas was Nate Gray. And Kevin Jonas was Jason Gray. And together the Jonas Brothers were Connects Three.

Dose Matthew gray have kids?

No. He does not even have a wife/girlfriend.

What are the Jonas brothers name in camp rock?

Their bands name is Connect 3, and their names are Nick is Nate Gray, Kevein is Jason Gray , and Joe is Shane Gray. I hope this helped answer your question!!!! =]

What actors and actresses appeared in The Haunting of Stephen Gray - 2014?

The cast of The Haunting of Stephen Gray - 2014 includes: Louis Cardona as Ethan Chambers Max Obertelli as Shane Gray

Who is the boy from the Jonas brothers who stared Shane in Camp Rock?

Joe Jonas (full name Joseph Adam Jonas) starred as Shane gray in camp rock.

What are the Jonas brothers' name in camp rock?

Their band is called Connect 3 and Joe's name is Shane Gray, Nick's name is Nate Gray, and Kevins name is Jason Gray! Hope it helped!!

What does Shane gray do at camp rock?

he is forced to go to the camp and he teaches one of the hip hop classes!!

Why did Paul Gray from Slipknot die?

Over dose of morphine a type of drug

What are the names given to the Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato in the movie Camp Rock?

---- Camp Rock: ---- Nick played Nate GrayKevin played Jason GrayJoe played Shane GrayDemi played Mitchie Torrez

Where could you see Joe Jonas?

In pictures. video, concert oh and btw in Camp Rock playing as Shane Gray

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