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Manufactured by Stevens Arms, 1931-1941.

Montgomery Wards. Hercules was just their name for this model.

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Q: Double barrel 12ga 2 and three-quarters Mfg Springfield?
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What is the value of a 1953 to 1955 Springfield J Stevens Arms Co 5100 double barrel shotgun?

Assuming 12ga, $150-$250.

What is the value of a 12Ga w parkhurst double barrel?

Wall Hangers

What is the value of Stevens Double Barrel 311a 12ga?

100-400 USD

Value of ranger 12ga double barrel shotgun?

50-150 USD

What is value of Washington arms double barrel 12ga twist finish belgium?

50-125 USD

Where can you find info on 12ga double barrel stamped cumberland arms?

Blue Book of Gun Values

What is a Crescent 12ga double barrel worth?

Depends on condition and features. $75 to maybe as much as $250.

How much is a 12Ga Navy Arms Co muzzleloading double barrel shotgun worth?

I was offered $500.00 for mine.

What is the value of Hopkins and Allen 12ga and 16ga shotguns?

Single shots, $50-$75. Double barrel, $150-$250.

What is the value of a Springfield Model 311-A 2 3-4'' 20 gauge double barrel in like new condition?

20ga brings more than 12ga or 16ga, so figure $250-$300.

What kind of ammo can you use in a Nitro-Hunter 12ga double barrel?

HAVE IT CHECKED OVER BY A GUNSMITH FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!! It is an old shotgun.

Can you tell Anything about a Hanover Arms 30 Double Barrel double hammer double trigger shotgun with Belgium Steel Barrels stamped across top of bridge and the number 4020 stamped in bottom of barrel?

Stevens 12ga. /mod dhead naught

Who made the Revelation 350H 12Ga?

Believe that is a Savage/Springfield 94.

Who made the revelation model 360D 12ga double barrel shotgun?

Made for Western Auto Stores. has a store brand chart.

Can you shoot slugs in a Norinco Model 99 12GA double barrel shotgun?

Yes- but accuracy with slugs in any double barreled shotgun is not the best- the lines of the barrels converge. Imagine a very large X. Right barrel will shoot somewhat to the left, left barrel to the right.

What is the value springfield 12ga singleshot?

from $50 to $150 depending on condition and location.

Where can you find a forearm for a 12ga double barrel shotgun?

You could check If they don't have what you're looking for, I would suggest going to a local gunsmith.

12ga double barrel barrels only ser 354280 unknown make can you give any info as to make or age?

Not without more information.

Info on 12ga double barrel mfg by the meridan firearms coAJ Aubrey serial number 9192?

Made @ turn of the century + or -. 50-100 value

How much is a h pieper dbl barrel 12ga worth?


You have a Springfield Model 18 12ga Where would you be able to get a hold of a replacement clip?


Where can you find a guide to what the barrel markings on a browning a5 12ga mean?


What is the Value of a 12ga Double Barrel Shotgun made by W. Richard marked W.F. for Wells Fargo?

suggest you contact: for shotgun history/value

Where can find parts for a JJWeston 12ga double barrel side lock shot gun?

I would start my search at Numrich Gun Parts Corp.They may be found on the web.

What year is a 12GA Syracuse Double barrel serial 4469 Its value Is it black powder It has a Damascus barrel but no engraving seems to be in working order but I would never shoot it.?

Most likely made at the turn of the century. Hang it on a wall and enjoy it.