Drain gurgles when toilet is flushed or sink drains?


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very simple, your drain that is gurgling is not vented properly. when the toilet is flushed, it is a large amount of water going down the stack at once. that sudden void creates a vacuum. it will pull air from the closest points possible. in this case, your gurgling sing or tub. if the tub and sink were vented, the air would be pulled from the vent stack, rather than the trap. hope this helps.

I think this answer is incomplete. The drain can also gurgle due to a blockage down the line. Check to see if water is comming up anywhere when you run lots of water, if so call a plumber to snake the drain.

99% of the time, it's related to venting. Most drain blockages will cause drains to empty slowly but not gurgling. The source of the vent problem can vary, but the most common are that the vent was never installed, or the vent is plugged from something that entered from the top (bird, animal, ash, leaves, dirt, snow, etc.), or the vent is plugged by something that entered from the bottom (leftover material from a backed-up septic/sewer line). All are pretty easy and cheap to fix yourself but it can be a little messy (and smelly). Keep an old towel handy and wash your hands when done ;-)

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As water drains, it displaces air in the pipes. If the vent or vents in your house are clogged up, the air must find another way out, which could be another drain in your house.

First thing you should do is call a plumber. Drain lines are not supposed to leak. Your drain line is clogged and needs to be snaked out and the leaking pipe repaired.

No, a tub drain is too small for toilet plumbing. Toilet drains needs at least a 3" drain line and vented.

The gurgling in your kitchen sink drain trap is because your drain system from you upstairs toilet is not vented properly. As the flow drops down the vertical drain pipe from the upstairs it sucks the water out of your kitchen sink drain trap and causes it to gurgle. It could drain the kitchen sink trap and allow sewer gas to flow into your kitchen. The fix is to either install an Air Admittance Valve (AAV) in your kitchen sink drain plumbing or properly vent the upstairs toilet drain.

What you probably need to do is snake out the vents. You probably have debris in them.1- you may have a slight blockage2- Poor venting and water Jetting will scour the piping rather then rodding

partially clogged drain or vent, improperly installed vent or drain

The drain is getting plugged and the toilet is lower than the washing machine drain so it is easier for the water to come up in the toilet than to go straight out the drain. Put some drain cleaner down the drain where the washing machine drains and that may solve the problem.

When a basin drains and causes gurgling sounds in other basins -- or the toilet, in this case -- it is usually a sign that a vent pipe is clogged or obstructed. The air being displaced in the drain pipe of the bathtub has nowhere to go if the vent is clogged and is being forced up through other drain pipes.

Your drain line is plugged somewhere after your shower and toilet line are connected. The reason for the gurgle in your toilet is because air is trapped in the drain and your toilet is the closest place for air to flow to. If you had a vent on your toilet trap arm then it would gurgle in the vent rather in your toilet but your drain is still plugged and needs to be snaked out and maybe your drain line needs to be examined for right grade or broken.

Have a plumber snake out your drains.ANS 2 - Install a flapper valve section on the sink drain pipe so water can go down but not up - cheap and very easy to do.

As far as I have read in numerous code books there was nothing about regular drain.There are storm drains, sanitary, indirect , and waste lines BUT no regular drains so I reckon that the answer would be no

Toilets that bubble when flushed and drain slowly can be cause by different things, such as port holes that are clogged, a clogged drain line, the tank has a low water level, or a problem in the vent pipe. A plumber can check for the specific problem and fix it.

The drain is plugged somewhat between the upstairs and downstairs. Need to snake the drains.

The drains for the shower, toilet and sink all connect to a common line. Assuming the toilet is not backing up, the problem indicates that there may be a partial blockage, enough so that some of the toilet flow is backing up through the shower drain line. You need plumbing repair. The shower leak you mention should only be in the shower, or else you have a broken drain line as well.

In the end, yes. ANS 2 - By "the toilet pipe" -I'm going to assume you mean the drain . -The toilet drain in a small house is generally the main drain. All other drains are connected to it.

Someone called Peter Toiletie created the toilet and flushed himself down it. He forgot to put a drain in and got squished to death.

A down line clog would cause this. The shower drain is lower than any other drain in the bathroom so it is the first to tell you of a clog in the line. Time to Roto Rooter! Y-THINK-Y The toilet and shower must have the same drain. There is a blockage somewhere after the toilet and shower drains meet. The backup takes the easiest route back which must be the shower drain. Try snaking out both drains. Start with the toilet. To do the best job, remove the toilet and start from floor level.

Drain is partially clogged or the vent pipe is stopped up. Also check the vent holes underneath the rim of the toilet and clean them out.

Probably leaky drain pipe form toilet which passes through that room. Work out which corner of that room is below the toilet, you will probably see a swelling in the wall where the drain pipe is hidden. Call a plumber and get him to fix it.

You have a blockage in your main sewerline. You have a problem with your venting system. This is why some codes now require a vent within 6" of the toilet. If you will add a vvent to your main line at the toilet you will stop this. Check to make sure your vents are not clogged by a bird or bees nest first.

Look for a plugged pipe vent (if u have any) or run a pipe snake down either line. You may have a partial clog just downstream of the "Y" that drain both.

Generally it is caused by either a blockage or partial blockage in the drain downstream. But I have known backfall on the drains leading away from the toilet to cause it as well, though this is rare.

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