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Driving distance Grand Canyon to Los Angeles?


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The driving distance from Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, USA to Los Angeles, CA, USA is 486mi / 782km

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The driving distance from Santa Barbara, California to the Grand Canyon is about 580 miles.

The driving distance from Phoenix, AZ, USA to Grand Canyon South Rim, Grand Canyon National Park, is 228.31mi / 367.43km

The driving distance from the New York state line to Grand Canyon National Park is about 2,400 road miles - roughly 40 hours of driving time.

The driving distance from Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, to Grand Canyon, Arizona, is about 838 miles (1,349 kilometers). The driving time is about 13 hours.

It is about 250 miles to the Nevada border.

The distance from Los Angeles to Grand Canyon Colorado is 491.2 miles. It takes 10 hours and 15 minutes to drive it.

The total driving distance from Memphis, TN to Grand Canyon is 1,420 miles.Take I-40 WEST, from Memphis, to SR-64 to the GRAND CANYON at EXIT 165 in ARIZONA.Take SR-64 NORTH to the Grand Canyon.

The air distance from Grand Canyon, Arizona to Los Angeles, California, is 372 miles. That equals 599 kilometers or 324 nautical miles.

The driving distance is 229 miles per Map Quest. The driving time to the Grand Canyon per Map Quest is 3 hours and 38 minutes.

Driving Distance is 792 miles or 1275 kilometers!

The distance from Grand Canyon to Phoenix is 233 miles.

The approximate driving distance is 500 miles. Since there are usually several routes, including back roads, this is an average distance.

The driving distance from St Louis to the Grand Canyon is 1451 miles per Map Quest. The driving time to the Grand Canyon per Map Quest is 20 hours and 43 minutes.

It is 1,104 miles according to Google Maps.

It is 1,282 miles according to Google Maps.

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