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Depending on the dosage, THC can take at least a month to clear from your body as the liver is not very good at processing it.

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How much Mountain Dew do you have to drink to clear you system for drug tests?

You can drink as much as you want,but it won't work.My advice to pass a drug test is to not do drugs.It takes at least 30 days for weed to get out of your system.

Is twenty six days enough to pass a drug test?

No. Depending on the drug it stays in your hair and fat cells. If you want to pass a drug test quit using.

How many benzo and opiates do i need to take to be in my system for a drug test?

Let me get this straight: You WANT opiates and benzos to show up in your that right? If it is, and I wonder if it is, and if it is, why it is, but to get to the point, the easiest way to flunk a drug test is to take the drug. Valium stays in your system for a month, but most opiates are gone in a matter of hours or days, so if you're really determined, take a vicodin or whatever you can get the day of or the day before the test. Piece of cake. Now do you mind if I ask you why you want a urine test with those results?

Will ultram show up on a drug test after two days?

Why do you ask? i just want to know for my husband

How do you pass a drug test in 21 days?

youll be fine.but it you want it out fast. drink mad water.

How do you pass a drug test when you have THC in your system?

There are no magic potions that allow you to do drugs and still pass the test. You have to stay clean for long enough that the drugs are out of your system if you want to pass the test.

If you took ecstasy 6 days ago and took a drug test today what are your chances of passing?

extacy doesnt show up on drug test, so thizz all you want :)

How do you pass a drug test on a days notice?

If it was a non-prescription drug, you are probably out of luck. They don't want to hire people who use drugs anyways.

Can you smoke the day before a drug test and still pass?

Yes you can smoke a day before your drug test, but it is not recommended if you want to confidently pass your test. If you do smoke the day before your test, you need to cleanse the drug out of your system so it will not appear on the test. For instance, you need to drink tons of water to dilute yourself to get the drug out.

How do you pass opiate drug test?

Opiates dont stay in your system like weed. If you want to pass but dont wanna quit the drug then i suggest stop using, drink lots and lots of water for 3 days and you should pass,. Then after the test, go do what you gotta do.

What drug to clean out your system will show as a nerve pill on a drug screening?

There really is no such thing as "a drug to clean out your system", and drug screenings generally don't test for "nerve pills" or any other drugs that are not commonly abused. If you want to clean out your system, stop doing drugs, and then you won't have to worry about the drug tests.

How long does weed stay in your system when i weigh 130 and smoke it everyday?

If you smoke it every day, it's gonna be in your system every day. If you STOP, you probably want to wait 45 to 60 days before you take a drug test.

What can you take to take coke out of your system?

It leaves your system pretty quickly -- in about 72 hours (3 days). You might want to wait a little longer though, just to be safe. If you have to take a drug test for a job, and you can't stop doing coke for 3 days to pass the test, then you are an addict and you really shouldn't be looking for a job, anyway. You should be in treatment.

Passing oral drug test?

Drugs don't last very long in your saliva. Usually if you can stay away from the drug you don't want to show up about 3-4 days before your test, then you should be OK.

You smoked last night and have a drug test in 2 days is marijuana in your system?

Yes. THC is stored in body fat, so it can take anywhere from 3 to 30 days to eliminate it from your body. Sorry. The bottom line is that if you do not want to test positive, then don't do the drugs. There are no real "solutions" such as cleaning or whatever.

What does a urine drug test check for?

Whatever drugs they want to test for.

Can you fail a drug test from inhaling gasoline?

No you can not because its a drug test and you would not want to breath in gasoline anyway

Do job corps drug test you?

You do not want to have any drug in your system when you go to job corps. However if they do find weed in your system then you will be on a 45 day probation where you have to go to drug therapy and do random chores. So it's best to get clean as fast as you can ;)

You want to know if there any hair drug test that can test you for the past 20 years?

I want to know if there any hair drug test that can test me and tell me if i have used drugs for the past 15 or 20 years

You drank a lot of 151proof will you pass a test in 13 days?

Just show up for the drug test sober; and you may want to ask yourself whether or not you have a drinking problem.

Can you use frozen urine to pass a drug test?

No. It will break down and in a drug test you are watched by the person giving the test. If you want pass the test don't do drugs.

How long does codeine stay in system for drug testing?

Codeine is an opiate and opiates stay in your blood for 3-5 days. I'd go at least 5 days between your last use and the date of your drug test. Also, make sure to drink plenty of liquids. You want to be urinating much more than usually.

Do schools drug test for tobacco I go to a high school in Kentucky i play volleyball I just want to know if my school will drug test for tobacco?

Most schools will not drug test for tobacco. Most drug test will not show up tobacco.

If you took a 10 mg of percocet how long will it take to get out of your system?

It will take 2 days max. prob less if only 10 mgs. im on probation and could do as mush oxy as i want becasue , at least were im from, standard gov. drug test do not test for oxycodone.

What is a dirty drug test?

Meaning you failed for something in your system that they found that you are not supposed to have also called *Pissed hot* or a Positive Test. What you want is Negative which means they didnt find anything.