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No, Germany was an Axis Power

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It was Germany, Austri-Hungary, and Serbia.

It was neutral, until invaded by Nazi Germany

The US joined the "Allied Powers" when it declared war on Germany, which was one of three Central Powers: Germany, Austria-Hungary & Turkey.

It was annexed by Germany in 1938, so technically, it was an Axis power.

The United States during both the world war where apart of the allied powers, country's such as Nazi Germany where apart of the axis powers.

The economic conditions in Germany during Hitler's rise to power was very poor. The country was suffering from high unemployment and the burden of the reparations it was to be paying to the Allied forces of World War I.

Germany, Austria, the Ottoman Empire, Italy (Central Powers)Switzerland (Neutral)

Germany was one of the countries that participated in the second world war. In fact, Germany was a major power during the war and was ultimately defeated by the Allied Forces. Germany was a belligerent in WW1 and WW2 and was,in fact, the starter of WW2.

No, Greece was an Allied power in World War 2. Greece was attacked by Italy & Germany. Occupied by Germany, then liberated when Germany was defeated.

Germany started World War 2 by invading Poland. It was an Axis power. Germany created the Axis, starting in 1936.

Well, in World War II, Japan was allied with the Germans, as Germany wanted to take over the world in that time to have full absolute power over everybody, but they needed help to do so. Germany then allied with Japan...

An allied power during that war.

Yes. The United States was an Allied Power.

England was an Allied power. One of the 'Big Three', England entered the war after Germany invaded Poland. England was never invaded, but was bombed and was the site of the aerial-fought Battle of Britain.

Because they were worried about Germany increasing its power and becoming stronger.

During the WW1 Romania was an allied country.

Neither. Norway were neutral during World War 1.

Hitler had power in Germany during World War II

Germany banded with Italy and Japan during WW2

Te opposite of allied. Ie. Germany

No they were an axis power with Germany and Japan. The Allies were Britain, Russia and the US

Germany was a concern because of it's militarily power and centrality in Europe.