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You will feel something wet leaking out of you! The noises he makes, the groans and yelps of delight, are a much better indication. :)

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โˆ™ 2006-08-07 17:07:21
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Q: During intercourse how do you know when a guy ejaculates?
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What are the chances of getting pregnant before the condom is put on?

If the guy ejaculates during intercourse, before wearing a condom & you are not on your period, then you can conceive.

What if guy ejaculates before intercourse can you still get pregnant?

Due to the inherent motility of sperm, any ejaculate that lands in the vagina can cause pregnancy. There may still be some sperm cells released during intercourse.

Is it normal for a guy to bleed during intercourse?


Can girls feel when a guy ejaculates inside them?

yes Not during sex; only the results afterward.

If it hurts during intercourse when the guy is on top could you be pregnant?

No. If it hurts during intercourse you need to use more lubricant. If you don´t know if you´re pregnant, you need to take a home pregnancy test.

Can a guy get a girl pregnant when he is 13?

If he ejaculates during orgasm he is physically mature enough to get a girl pregnant.

Can a woman get pregnant with only a minute of sexual intercourse?

Yes. Especially if the guy ejaculates. Or if it's unprotected sex. There is also a slight chance of getting pregnant from pre-ejaculate.

Should a guy be up or down during intercourse?

downunder lads!!

How do you know when a guy 'ejaculates' in you?

Not to be too crude - but you can sometimes feel it. Chances are if he's done and hasn't pulled out - he ejaculated into you.

Does precum come out during sex?

Yes, precum may come out during intercourse. Precum acts as a natural lubricant during intercourse. Though you don't have to be engaging in intercourse to eject precum. If a guy becomes aroused he may emit precum.

When is it eayeSt for a girl to get pregnAnt?

When a guy does not use a condom during sexual intercourse.

Does a guy have to totally let out for you to be pregnant?

No!! It only takes one sperm to fertilise an egg thus creating a life. During intercourse sperm is released from the guy, and so it is possible to get pregnant from any part of unprotected intercourse, and not just from the end when the guy ejaculates. This is why silly techniques such as 'the withdrawal method' or 'pulling out before he comes' are NOT in any shape or form, ever a means of contraception! Infact, there are actual recorded cases of girls getting pregnant just from foreplay! One such case which my doctor told me about was a girl who had foreplay with a guy, only foreplay and no intercourse whatsoever, and became pregnant as the guy had some of his semen on his fingers from the foreplay, and when he pleasured the girl with his hands, a sperm from the semen on his fingers managed to find its way to the egg and fertilise it!! And so in no way does a guy have to fully ejaculate to impregnate a woman, which is why safe sex and condoms are a total necessity and infact the ONLY way to prevent conception during intercourse.......

Can a guy control when he pre-ejaculates?

it depends on the indivisual man.

Can you still get HIV if a guy pulls out before he ejaculates?


You are a guy Why do you last so long during vaginal intercourse?

The amount of time you last during intercourse has nothing to do with your gender. While its more common for men to last a shorter time, woman can be the same way. It usually takes more time for women during vaginal intercourse because it is harder to locate our ultimate "pleasure spot." So if your guy lasts awhile. Be thankful!

Can you get pregnant if a guy ejaculates inside of you during sex if your on the pill?

Yes, there is a chance you can become pregnant. No form of protection is 100% effective in preventing pregnancy.

What does it mean when a guy ejaculates too quick during sex?

This mostly happens when its a guys first time having sex and he gets to excited when he goes in

If the guy ejaculates in the girls vagina when can she get pregnant after or before ovulating?


What happens to the ejaculate when a guy ejaculates in the butt?

It comes out when you go to the bathroom.

What does thrusting mean sexually?

During intercourse, it's when the guy "thrusts" his penis inside you, usually when you climax.

What should a guy do if his virgin girlfriend bleeds a lot the first time and gets scared?

Let her know that a little bleeding is normal because the hymen has been torn during intercourse.

Is a guy a virgin if he has intercourse with another guy?


What does a guy mean when he tells you he didn't know what he was doing?

It basically means that he does not know how to have sexual intercourse and he doesnt feel right when he is in the act of doing it. He is confused and not sure how to approach in sexual activity nor to act during this activity (he dont know how to have sex )

What happens if a she-male ejaculates in a guys ass i want to know because i have fantasized about them?

The same thing that happens with a regular guy. Nothing much. If you fantasize about she-males, face up to the fact, get a guy and do what you want to do.

How do you know who cumd first ' the boy or the girl?

If the guy orgasms he ejaculates so that is not hard to see but for the girl the behavior varies so unless you know each other really well, ask.