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Retighten or replace the bolts

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Q: During mat maintenance what should be done with the loose anchor bolts?
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What should you use to anchor the medium shelter on a concrete pad?

anchor bolts made for concrete

How do you remove caliper anchor plate on ford van?

There should be 2 big bolts that hold it in place behide the anchor inside plate area.

What are anchor bolts used for?

An anchor bolt is used to attach a large structure or other piece to concrete. These bolts are used in many construction projects, and there is a variety of designs.

What is used as a guide for drilling the holes for the anchor bolts?

The holes in the ramp

Is EN9 suitable for anchor bolts?

En 9 material composition

What should be done with the anchor bolts that protrude above the surface of the mat?

Grind these protrusions even with the ramp using the disc grinder provided

What is the main use of anchor bolts in construction?

Anchor bolts are used to secure items to concrete. They can be wet-set meaning inserted into the concrete while it is still hardening or the concrete can be drilled and the anchors set in to them.

What are anchor bolt cages?

A number of anchor bolts / hold down bolts can be "caged" together so that critical measurements are maintained when the steel is cast into the concrete slab - which is important for dealing with prefabricated structural steel and such. Typically, several anchor bolts / hold down bolts are connected by steel bracing and the assembles "cage" is welded together. See this link: Hope this helps.

How far apart are you suppose to place anchor bolts?

i beleve they are 4 feet apart

What is a concrete anchor bolt used for?

An anchor bolt is used to attach things or structures to concrete. Anchor bolts are used on all types of projects. They are used on dams and nuclear power plants.

Laid tile in the bathroom now the anchor bolts on the toilet are not long enough. What can I do?

They make extended brass bolts, check with Plumbing or Hardware store in your area.

In an emergency concrete installation what is the minimum number of bolts required in each anchor plate?

on undisturbed soil

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