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Since water is comprised of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom, when it is split into atoms by plants during photosynthesis the only other atoms other than oxygen that are produced are hydrogen atoms.

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There are 4 oxygen atoms in two oxygen molecules.

Oxygen produced by plants comes from the carbon dioxide and water that they take in. Carbon dioxide plus water is turned into oxygen and sugar during photosynthesis.

3 molecules of water contain 3 oxygen atoms.

Chemical name for CaSO4 is calcium sulphate. It has 4 oxygen atoms in 1 molecule. So it has 12 oxygen atoms in 3 molecules.

600 oxygen atoms. there are 300 molecules, each having 2 oxygen atoms. 300 x 2 =

CH3CO2HIn one molecule, there is 2 atoms of oxygen. So, in 300 molecules, there will be 600 oxygen atoms.

Oxygen, oxygen, and... oxygen. Ozone is composed of 3 oxygen atoms.

There are 2 atoms and 3 molecules in oxygen.

Oxygen is given off by plants after respiration occurs. Plants take in carbon dioxide during photosynthesis and that turns into oxygen while the plants eat.

You can make two molecules of ozone. One molecule of ozone has three oxygen atoms. If you have six oxygen atoms, then you can make two ozone molecules.

The equation for photosynthesis is: 6H2O + 6 CO2 --> C6H12O6 + 6O2 The numerals in each part of the equation (without balancing it) mean: H2 = 2 atoms of Hydrogen O = 1 atom of Oxygen } H2O=water C = 1 atom of Carbon O2 = 2 atoms of Oxygen } CO2= Carbon Dioxide C6 = 6 atoms of Carbon H12 = 12 atoms of Hydrogen O6= 6 atoms of Oxygen } C6H12O6 } Glucose O2 = 2 atoms of Oxygen } O2 = Oxygen When balanced: 6H2O = 6 molecules of water 6CO2 = 6 molecules of Carbon dioxide C6H12O6 = Glucose 6O2 = 6 molecules of Oxygen

12 carbon atoms exist in a molecule of maltose if the molecules have 12 oxygen atoms.

Twelve. Glucose is C6H12O6, so two molecules of glucose would give you: 12 carbon atoms 24 hydrogen atoms 12 oxygen atoms The 12 molecules of oxygen would give 24 oxygen atoms, for 48 total atoms of oxygen. So...each carbon atom would take two oxygen atoms to give 12 molecules of carbon dioxide, and each remaining oxygen atom would take two hydrogen atoms to give 12 molecules of water.

Six water molecules (H2O) and six Carbon Dioxide molecules (CO2) are broken apart using energy that originally comes from the sun. The resulting atoms are reformed to make one glucose molecule (C6H12O6), and six oxygen molecules (O2). There are a several steps to this reaction, but you only asked about where the atoms come from to form the sugar.

No.Hydrocarbon molecules contain hydrogen and carbon atoms.It is carbohydrate molecules that contain hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen atoms.

At least sixthis is because photosynthesis uses Carbon Dioxide, Water and Sunlight, to produce glucose. A glucose molecule is made of 6 carbon, 6 oxygen, and 12 hydrogen atoms. Since carbon dioxide is the only molecule in photosynthesis containing carbon atoms, and it only contains one per molecule, you would need a minimum of six molecules of it combined with six molecules of water in order to produce glucose. (with an extra 12 oxygen atoms)

There should be hopefully 2 Oxygen Atoms

No. Ozone is form of oxygen consisting of molecules made of 3 oxygen atoms, O3 Oxygen gas consists of molecules made of 2 oxygen atoms, O2

Ordinary oxygen gas is a diatomic molecule composed of two oxygen atoms. There's a less-stable form, ozone, which is made of molecules composed of three oxygen atoms.

Oxygen, hydrogen , nitrogen atoms etc. are not molecules .

The oxygen plants give off is from water. Two water molecules are broken apart inside the thylakoid space during the light reactions. The two oxygen atoms bond together to form molecular oxygen and the four hydrogen molecules help build up a gradient that will be used in chemiosmosis (a process that uses hydrogen to make energy similar to what a dam does).

3 oxygen atoms in three molecules of water.- There are 3 total atoms in water, which is H2O. There are 2 hydrogen atoms (H), and 1 oxygen atom (O).

I Believe that it's two molecules of hydrogen and one of oxygen

There are 4 oxygen atoms in 4 molecules of water.