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I guess what you are saying is a girl lost a condom inside of her. Well use fingers to pull it out, no bid deal.


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Yes, very possible. Especially if the condom is a regular condom without any spermicides.

Yes. The possibility most certainly exists (although pregnancy could occur, not directly from the condom coming off, but from the semen that could be left inside the vagina after the condom came off).

Yes. Even if the condom didn't come off inside you you'd have a chance of becoming pregnant. Condoms aren't a 100% way to not get pregnant.

Then if ur sure it didnt leak, ur ok

It happened to me, it will just fall out x

You definitely need to get it out of you as soon as possible and also go get yourself tested for potential pregnancy and STI's because if the condom came off inside you then the sperm got released inside of you.

You have no way of knowing if there was any precum or not, neither does he. The fact that the condom came off is a good clue to that he did release some fluid. And yes, when the condom came off it turned into unprotected sex, which leaves you open for a chance of pregnancy.

Yes, the chance is reduced but yes you can still get pregnant if he does that.

get her to carefully take it out, and if she isn't using birth control, use a "morning after" pill if she's willing to go through it

During sex there is much fluid secreted into the condom (precum). once that is in there the oscillation of sexual activity spreads it around over the condom inside. this loosens the fit of the condom and can make it very slippery. once the sluid makes its way towards the open end of the condom then the condom can slip off.

When a condom comes off inside you, you need to remove the condom or go to your doctor or local family planning clinic so they can remove the condom for you. If you cant remove the condom yourself it will NOT come out on its own. Leaving a condom inside of you can cause a very serious vagina infection so get it removed professionally if you cant do it yourself. Also because the condom came off there is a chance sperm escaped from the condom and entered your vagina. If this is the case then there is also a risk of pregnancy. Take a morning after pill. If you are on birth control pills, dont worry about pregnancy because you are protected against it.

Absolutely. The condom is filled with millions of sperm that can get out of the condom if it's left inside her. That's why you should withdraw immediately after ejaculation; otherwise, as you "shrink," the condom can slip off, exposing her to pregnancy risks and to any sexually transmitted diseases you have.

On monday I had sex and used a condom, during the sex though the guy pulled out and noticed that the condom had fell off, thinking that it had fell off onto the ground we stupidly decided to keep having sex now unprotected where he came inside of me (he also had *** inside of the condom)the next day [yesterday] i got up in the night to use the rest room and the condom had fell out of me i haven't been taking my birth control regularly and i haven't taken it since sex but i took it the day before we had sex....could i be pregnant? also, sometimes it seems like I'm spotting when othertimes i don't could that be from the condom being left inside of me and if not, what?

Yes, there is a risk of that. All contraception methods are less than foolproof. Breakage and slipping off are two of the problems that make condoms less than 100 percent effective. If ejaculation occurred while the condom was still on, it's likely that most, if not all, the semen was captured by the rubber. If you didn't realize the condom came off before ejaculating, well, that's another story. In the future, grasp the condom near its opening before withdrawing.

If it wasn't a spermicidal condom there is a 2% chance of you conceiving.

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