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Support westward expansion to the Pacific.

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The Theory was Coined in 1845, if that answers your question.

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Q: During the 1840s Americans use the idea manifest destiny to justify?
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How were the concepts of manifest destiny and social Darwinism used to justify conditions in the 1800s?

Manifest destiny and social Darwinism were used to justify horrible actions toward minority peoples during the 1800s. Manifest destiny was the idea that the US should expand westward, and was used to steal Native American lands. Social Darwinism was the idea that the lighter skinned people were, the better they were. It was used to justify institutional racism.

Who was the missouri senator during the manifest destiny?

Thomas Benton was the Missouri senator during Manifest Destiny.

What was the belief that the US should expand its territory from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean?

It was known as Manifest Destiny and was a factor in American foreign policy during the 19th century.

How were flat head Indians affected by manifest destiny?

They were unaffected, they were in Africa during the manifest destiny.

What idea of the late 1800 advocated us expansion?

The Manifest Destiny of the United States to be a continent-wide power (Manifest Destiny for short) was the idea that was used to justify and at times to drive the expansion of the United States during the 19th Century. This was the idea that it was obvious to all (manifest) that it was the destiny of the US to encompass whatever territory was at issue at the moment.

What happened after the settlers occupied the native Americans land during manifest destiny?

People killed the natives in honor of their god.

Can you use manifest destiny in a sentence?

Deffiition___Idea popular in the united states during the 1800s that the country must expand its boundaries to the Pacific Ocean...................Most emigrants, like the majority of Americans, believed in Manifet Destiny.

Who went to Utah during the manifest destiny?


Which pre civil war ideology was most similar to the beliefs supporting American imperialism during the late 1800?

Manifest Destiny

Who was the leader of Mexico during Manifest Destiny?

Santa anna

Who were important people during manifest destiny?

Richard jackson

What areas of the us were involved during manifest destiny?

All of them.