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Yes you can she is already pregnant and you can not hurt the baby in any way having sex.

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โˆ™ 2010-04-07 11:37:35
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Q: During the pregnancy can i sex without condom with my wife?
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Is it safe to have physical relation with wife without condom?

Unless either person has a communicable disease or there is a fear of pregnancy, I don't see a problem.

Can i lick my wife during pregnancy?

ask your wife!

What are the signs of my wife infidelity during my absence?

Her pregnancy.

You were affected by ChickenPox before 22days you got cured before 10 days you doubt that your wife is 5 weeks pregnant can you have sex with her now without using a Condom?

You using a condom or not is not relevant with the spread of chicken pox. If your wife had chicken pox when she was younger, it isn't likely she will catch it. If she didn't, your wife will probably get it anyway because of its easy transmission. However, due to the elapsed time you talk about, she will not catch it. Enjoy sex with your wife without a condom.

How could you use 'as a result of' in a sentence?

as a result of sexual intercourse, without using a condom, my wife is now up eh duff.

What is a doctor that taking care pregnancy called?

A mid-wife is the nurse who takes care of you during a pregnancy, & checks the baby is healthy etc :-)

Is it normal to have a lot of gas during pregnancy?

yes. my wife was pregnant with our son and i had terrible gas.

Is Adderall safe if your wife and you are trying to have a baby?

Using Adderall may not be safe to use during pregnancy. You should always consult a doctor when considering using any drugs during pregnancy.

My wife just had a baby. We want another right away. Is she able to produce milk during her next pregnancy?

Yes, especially if during the entire pregnancy she was drinking 32 ounces of milk.

Why does my wife have wired veins during pregnancy?

Its just one of the symptoms you and your wife have to deal with, alot of changes are gonna happen through her pregnancy most of it will go back to normal after baby is born but some may not.

How can you stop the pregnancy of your wife?

You stop pregnancy of wife either by:using condoms orthe wife can use special tablets to prevent pregnancy, orthrough masking sexual intercourse is safe non-pregnancy period.

How can you not get someone pregnant and not get HIVS or AIDS without a condom?

Your wife needs to be on birth control and her HIV needs to be undetectable. Talk to your doctor or health care professional

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