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Q: During the red scare many were accused of being communist even with out evidence to prove it what was this called?
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What is it called when many were accused of being communist without Any evidence to prove it?

A Red Scare!

Evidence favorable to the accused that must be provided by the prosecutor to the defense attorney is called?

Exculpatory evidence

What was the group of Hollywood directors that were accused of being communist?

They were called the Hollywood 10 and accused of being communist. I don't think you would find many people who can name them all. Sorry i couldn't help more

What is court called when a witness is called by force for the accused?

When a witness is compelled to appear in court to testify on behalf of the accused, it is known as a subpoena. The witness may be required to provide evidence under oath and failure to comply with a subpoena can result in consequences such as contempt of court.

What group took over Russia and established a Communist government during WW1?

The Bolshevik Party (later called the Communist Party) under the leadership of Vladimir Lenin established a "communist" government in Russia during World War 1. Strictly speaking, they established a socialist government, but they referred to it as a communist government.

What were the communist troops in the civil war in China called?

During the communist Chinese Revolution in 1949, Westerners referred to the Communist Chinese as "RED CHINESE." A title that is in the US Dictionary; published in 1969. Communists during the cold war were often referred to as "Reds." During the Russian Bolshevik (Communist) Revolution of 1917, the communist RED Army defeated the Tzsars non-communist WHITE Army. "Better dead than Red" was a slogan in the United States during the 50's & 60's.

Why was The Crucible written?

it was written in response to McCarthyism during which he was accusing artists of being communist or knowing them. Miller felt these events were parallel to the Salem witch trials in Massachusetts. Arthur Miller, the author of The Crucible, was alive during the Red Scare. This was a time period in which people were accused of being or being friends with communists. If you were thought to be a communist, you were "blacklisted" This meant that the government kept a close eye on you. Arthur Miller was blacklisted. We don't know if he was a communist or not, but we do know that many people who were accused were not. He was angry that he had become blacklisted, so he wrote The Crucible. If you don't know what the Crucible is about, it is about the Salem Witch trials. During this time, people were being called witches. Basically, he wrote the play to say "Look, it has been hundreds of years, and our country has not advanced. People are still doing the same things that they did during the colonial period."

What was the communist Vietnam gov called during the Vietnam War?

The People's Republic of Viet Nam. (PAVN)

Was laissez faire developed from The Communist Manifesto?

There was no laissez faire during the Communist Manifesto. All businesses were government operated.

Name one person who was accused of having communist sympathies or was called before the committee?

The playwrite Arthur Miller was one prime example of the American arts community who had to testify before McCarthy's Comittee.

What is the purpose in a felony case of a grand jury?

The grand jury listens to all the evidence in a case against the accused and decides whether to charge the individual with the crime. This is called an indictment or an information.

What is it called when you are blamed for something that you didn't do?

Being blamed for something you didn't do is called being falsely accused or wrongly accused.