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yes, the white part of our eyes turned yellow

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What type of disease is the yellow fever?

Yellow fever is a virus.

Major disease during the Spanish American War?

Malaria and Yellow Fever.

Why dengue fever is called yellow fever?

It is not called yellow fever which is another disease. Yellow fever cause jaundice. The skin and whites of the eyes are yellow.

Is yellow fever communicable or non communicable diseases?

Yellow fever is a communicable disease.

What is the scientific name for yellow fever?

The virus that causes yellow fever is known as "yellow fever virus" in the family Flaviviridae and the genus Flavivirus. The disease caused by yellow fever virus is known as yellow fever.

What is the mortality rate for yellow fever?

Yellow fever is a viral disease that can cause the body to hemorrhage. The yellow fever mortality rate is 3%.

Is yellow fever spreading?

yes yellow fever is spreading because it is a nasty disease xx :)

How is yellow fever harmful?

Yellow Fever us a disease that is cause by getting bitten by a mosquito infected with the Fever it self.

What is Yellow Fever?

Yellow fever is a tropical disease that affects the kidney and liver. The disease is caused by a virus. The virus is transmitted through mosquito.

What was the scalp disease that madam c.j walker had?

i think the answer is yellow fever because when i read her biograpy it said her scalp disease was yellow fever.

Are yellow fever and typhoid the same disease?

No. Typhoid fever is caused by Salmonella bacteria in contaminated food and water, whereas yellow fever is a viral disease transmitted by mosquitoes.

What does yellow fever damage?

Transmitted by mosquitoes, yellow fever is a tropical viral disease that damages the liver and kidneys by causing fever and jaundice. Yellow fever is often fatal.

What was a Deadly tropical disease conquered during Spanish-american war?

Malaria (Yellow Fever)

Do fungi cause the disease yellow fever in humans?

No. Yellow fever is caused by a virus that is carried by mosquitoes.

Which disease Edward Cullen had?

He had yellow fever.

What are some facts about yellow fever?

A classic feature of Yellow Fever is Hepatitis, which is the reason for the yellow coloring of the skin and the name of the disease.

What type of germ is yellow fever?

Yellow fever is a disease spread by the bite of a female mosquito. The virus that causes Yellow Fever is an RNA virus of the genus Flavivirus.

How did yellow fever begin?

Yellow fever is an acute viral hemorrhagic disease. Yellow fever is found only in Africa and South America. Africa is the originating country.

What disease is caused by aedes mosquitoes?

Aedes Mosquito can cause Dengue Fever.malariaan itchy arm "Itchy arm" is not a disease- but Yellow Fever, Malaria, and West Nile Virus ARE.Dengue fever and yellow fever

What is the common name for yellow fever?

Yellow Jack is another name for yellow fever. It has also been called the American Plague, but yellow fever is the most common name for the viral disease.

What disease start with letter y?

· Yellow fever

Did Carlos J Finlay discover the cure to yellow fever?

There is no cure for yellow fever once the disease is contracted. Carlos J. Finlay discovered the vaccination to prevent yellow fever.

What was the cause of the yellow fever- 1793?

yellow fever is caused by disease carrying mosquitoes called Coquillettidia fuscopennata there are shots you can get to prevent yellow fever in your body but they had not invented it in 1793

What are facts about yellow fever?

Some facts about Yellow Fever are:It was a very deadly diseaseIt turned your eyes yellowYou would throw up bloodIts stared in August 1793Mosquito's caused the diseaseBefore the Fever the War of Independence just ended

How is yellow fever virus related to biology?

Yellow fever is a viral disease, caused by the eponymous yellow fever virus. It affects primates and humans as hosts, and is transmitted primarily by mosquitoes as vectors.The disease is controlled by limiting the population of mosquitoes in endemic regions.