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During Mitosis, the spindle pulls apart the sister chromatids of the chromosome in the Anaphase stage.

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Q: During what phase does the sister chromatids line up in the midplane of the cell?
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What phase do sister chromatids form?

The sister chromatids first appear in the S phase of the cell cycle.

During what phase do the centromeres of sister chromatids disjoin and the chromatids separate?

Anaphase II

During which phase of the cell do sister chromatids first appear?

S phase

During the cell cycle when would a chromosome consist of two identical sister chromatids?

During the interphase stage is whereby the chromosome consists of the two identical sister chromatids.

What happens to the chromosomes during S-phase?

The S-phase is during interphase, which means there are no chromosomes. DNA is replicated in the S-phase ("s" for synthesis). It can only be replicated in the form of chromatin, not wrapped up in chromosomes.

What is the genetic content of diploid cell during G1 phase?

There are 46 individual chromosomes (not sister chromatids) in human cells. In G2 they replicate and 46 pairs of sister chromatids are present

Do chromatids separate during telophase?

chromatids separate during anaphase.anaphase is when the spindle fibers start pulling the "sister" chromatids apart

Which is the phase of mitosis during which sister chromatids separate into individual chromosomes?

In anaphase, the chromatids separate to form individual chromosomes.

Which phase of mitosis do the sister chromatids separate at their centromeres?


When are chromatids copied?

During S phase of inter phase .

Which phase of meiosis do sister chromatids pull apart and move to opposite ends of the cell?

Sister chromatids are pulled apart from each other during the anaphase II stage of meiosis II. From there the chromatids are taken to opposite poles of the cell and create two haploid cells.

What phase does the sister chromatids separate and chromosomes move apart?