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Cole and Dylan Sprouse

Dylan and Cole's cell phone number do they answer?

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Cole Sprouse: 373-0592Dylan Sprouse: 503-8807I know because i went 2 their house and asked for their number =>

to be honest no one knows in the wiki answers the cell number of Dylan sprouse they are all fake so don't listen to them

Hi i am friends with Dylan and cole but there not what you all think if you really want Cole's contact number then i will give you his fan cell number if you become good friends im sure he will give you his proper cell phone number ! its 07756472321 Hope i helped you ! :D From Robyn and Dylan !! xx

WikiAnswers does not support the sharing of personal information of both celebrities and non-celebrities.

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Are you asking which is correct? Both are because the questions are asking 2 different things. You can either have his cell phone, or his cell phone number.

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