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you type the password: fuzzybunny in the computer in Dr. Hare's room. you need the rabbot ears to get in that room.


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A video game screen will appear. Then wreck his ship and you beat 24 carrot!

you have to beat the video game and then you can defeat the rabbit guy.

if you are talking about the password it's fuzzybunny, if you are talking about the command its launch rabbot

password: fuzzybunny command: launch rabbot

the prossesing room after the secuirty is disabled. the password is fuzzybunny

It is in the 24 carrot island mold it

In the final scene of the game, it lets you control Dr. Hare's computer and stop his evil plan. (The password is "fuzzybunny", one word.)

the command on 24 carrot is on the side of the computer. it is launchrabbot!! lol rite!!

the command is: launch rabbot and the password is:fuzzybunny

Your probabably either are spelling it wrong or you had capital or lowercase in areas it's not supposed to be

first you enter the password then enter the comand near the computer then you will see the big bunny in space try and hit the white things hope that helps:)

type the password it tells you on the sticky note on the computer.

If you mean from the 24 carrot is fuzzybunny or funnybunny no space GOOD LUCK!

You go to the printer room and get the system password.

If you're talking about on 24 Carrot Island, then the password is fuzzybunny and the command is launch rabbot

The password is fuzzybunny together and the username is launch rabbot spaced not together

The command is launch rabbot.The pasword is fuzzybunny

if u r talking about the computer on 24 carrot island this is how u use it: first where it says ''Password" type in fuzzybunny.then when it says command write launch rabbot

On 24 carrot island poptropica the password is "fuzzybunny". Note: don't put in the quote marks when you type it. the passwords for spy island are (1) laser (2) hair (3) removal. !]

The first password is: fuzzybunny and the seconded password is on a piece of paper next to the computer on 24 Carrot Island.

go all the way to the right of the rabot. clime up it, and there should be a platform. on the platform is the computer. there you put in the password using your keyboard. then you use the joystic, on the game, to make dr.hare run into the astroids.

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