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Yes, good job. In consideration to disabilities. To be nicer say, ear is to audio as eye is to visual.

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Yes, 'ear' is to 'deaf' as 'eye' is to 'blind'. Both pairs represent a sensory organ and the corresponding lack of function or sense impairment.

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Q: Ear is to deaf as eye is to blind?
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Which president died totally blind in one eye and deaf in one ear?

The president who died totally blind in one eye and deaf in one ear was Woodrow Wilson. He experienced these disabilities after suffering a stroke while in office.

What causes you to be blind or deaf?

An accident, injury or infection of the eye or ear or a birth/genetic defect.

Was sacagawea blind?

she was deaf in one ear and blind in the other !

Why does a hurricane have a eye but not an ear?

because their deaf

Why is your cat deaf?

If it has blue eyes it's usually deaf. Or, if it has one blue eye, the ear on the side with the blue eye is deaf.

Was Julius Caesar def?

he was partially deaf in one ear. i believe it was the left ear. he was also partially blind.

How will a dumb person tell a blind person that a deaf person has stolen his diamond?

He will tell him up in his ear, but the deaf person will not hear the blind person screaming, and the blind person won't be able to see the deaf robber running away!!! -Anynomous

Why is Hellen Keller a hero?

she learned how to understand the ones who spoke by mouth and heard by ear though she was blind and deaf.

Deaf is to post as blind is to what?

Deaf is to post as blind is to read.

Are Bacteria Both Blind and Deaf?

Yes, the bacteria is both blind and deaf.

Love is blind but hate is deaf?

love is blind but hate is deaf true

Is Robin Thicke deaf or blind?

No, Thicke is neither deaf nor blind.