Helen Keller

The first college graduate to be both deaf and blind, Helen Keller later became a noted activist for social causes.

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Helen Keller

What were worries of Helen Keller?

she broke a doll ,and worried that she couldn't but it back together.

Helen Keller

What was Helen Kellers Eye Color?

Helen Keller's eyes were originally brown/green, but had them replaced with blue ones so they would look nicer

Helen Keller

Who was Helen Keller's grandmother?

Helen Keller had two grandmothers, just like everyone else.

Her paternal grandmother was:

  • the daughter of Alexander Moore, one of Lafayette's aides,
  • the granddaughter of Alexander Spottswood, an early colonial Governor of Virginia, and
  • second cousin to Robert E. Lee (i.e. descended from a great aunt or great uncle of General Lee.)

Her maternal grandmother was Lucy Helen Everett of Helena, Arkansas. She was related in an undefined way to Edward Everett, a famous orator, politician and educator of the mid-19th century

Helen Keller

How many schools are named after Helen Keller?

Probably several in the disability- Blind area, which should be obvious.

None because Helen Kellar is my fake wife.

Helen Keller

What was Helen Keller's favorite color?

Purple, she was told about the color with people describing the color to her.

Helen Keller

What are Helen Keller's greatest achievements?

Annie Sullivan's help. And, graduating from Harvard College

Helen Keller
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Where can you find pictures of Helen Flanaga?

on google

Helen Keller

Who inspired Helen Keller to speak for the Blind and Deaf?

Annie Sullivan inspired Helen Keller to speak for the blind and the deaf.

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Helen Keller

What was Helen Keller's first sign language word?

w-a-t-e-r (water)

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Helen Keller

Did Jane Addams help Helen Keller?

They may or may not have Met. Jane Addams, a humanitarian, was hugely involved in the Hull House a settlement house or ( Community center) as we would now style it in Chicago. HELEN KELLER came from, originaly Tuscumbia, Alabama, and was educated at the Perkins School for the Blind. Jane Addams was not directly involved in education or rehabilitation of the handicapped, to my knowledge. they may have met ( possibly at the l893 Chicago Fair where Helen was an ( exhibit) but that:s that. by Chronological reasons they were both alive at the same time so it could have happened.

Helen Keller
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How did Helen Keller die?

Helen Keller died June 1 in 1968. She died peacefully in her sleep of a heart attack, or so says her nurse who was with her at the time. Helen was not scared of dying, because she knew she would be able to see and hear in heaven.

Helen Keller communicated with her family by using sign language. She would trace letters into Anne Sullivan's hand and Anne would interpret what Helen was trying to say. Anne was Helen Keller's teacher until she died in 1936. Anne was 70 when she died.

Helen Keller

Did Helen Keller ever hear?

No o.0

Helen Keller

What color skin did Helen Keller have?

She was Caucasian.

Helen Keller

The cries Annie Annie don't let them take me Annie came from Helen Keller?

No, from Annie's brother Jimmie who didn't want to be separated from her into the men's ward in the asylum

Helen Keller

Was Helen Keller ever accused of Fraud?

Once she wrote a book named The Frost King, it was plagiarized from The Frost Fairies, which she didn’t know that at the time she wrote it. So, she had to go to court for plagiarizing. After that, she was afraid that when she wrote that it wasn’t her own words. But, she got over that fear.

Helen Keller

What age did Helen Keller become blind and how?

Helen Keller became deaf and blind at the age of 19 months, she came down with scarlet fever, which lead to her deafness, then began to lose her sight. she was muted because she couldn't hear words, and couldn't mimick them.

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Helen Keller

What were some of Anne Sullivan's contributions?

Anne Sullivan taught Helen Keller, a deaf, blind, and verbally deprived child how to communicate with others. She also taught Helen discipline and obedience. Throughout the rest of her life, she gave lectures and raised money for the American Foundation for the Blind.

Helen Keller

What made Helen Keller famous?

She was blind and deaf, yet became a teacher and a prominent author, political activist and lecturer. Other achievements of hers include being the first deafblind person to receive a Bachelor's Degree of the Arts, advocation for women's suffrage and labor rights and the rights of the disabled. She is considered one of the 20th century's Most Admired Persons according to a Gallup poll.

Helen Keller was a blind & deaf girl who learned how to speak, read, write, and she had made the hand movement also she learned how to do many different things like when she was younger she would touch the loaf of bread.

She was the first deaf and blind person to graduate from college and earn a bachelor of arts degree.She was a writer, a teacher, traveled around the world, and campaigned for many progressive causes.

Helen Keller

What was Helen Keller's strengths?

Though she was blind, she was able to learn sign language and know what objects felt like. Thus, she could tell her writer in sign language stories.

Helen Keller

Did Helen Keller have children?

Helen Keller did get married to John Macy in 1905. I don't believe she had any kids.

Helen Keller

What did the NAACP stand for that Helen Keller helped?

NAACP - The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

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Helen Keller

What are some personality traits of Anne Sullivan?

Anne had so much confidence in herself that she never gave up in anything she was doing and she believed in herself. She stayed with Helen till the day she passed away.

Helen Keller

Did Helen Keller wear sunglasses?

In all the pictures of Helen Keller I've seen she's not where in sunglasses. If you read Helen Keller the Story of My Life.It might be helpful I'm reading it now and It's pretty interesting. Anyway, look up some pictures of her and you'll see she's not wearing sunglasses


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