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Easier turtle or tortoise?

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Turtle. Red eared slider turtles, live about 20 years and are just easier to take care of. Tortoises live 75 years and are harder

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A tortoise is slower than a turtle.

a tortoise is smaller than a sea turtle No,a sea turtle is SMALLER than a tortoise

At pet shops they sell turtle and tortoise food.

the deference between a turtle and a tortoise is that a turtle has a smaller body and a tortoise has huge claws

I think you should buy a tortoise because they are much easier to care for since they dont need to have instant access to a lot of water.

The biggest turtle in the world is the 1. Galapagos Tortoise 2. Aldabra Tortoise 3. Sulcatta Tortoise The biggest freshwater turtle in the world is the 1. Alligator Snapping Turtle 2. Pignose Turtle The biggest sea turtle in the world is the 1. Leatherback Turtle

tortoise tortoise The question I asked "What is the French word for Turtle? I'm not sure it is the same as "What is another word for Turtle? Is tortoise really the French word?

No the Turtle beetle doesn't exsit but the Tortoise Beetle does. It is pretty common to confuse Turtle and Tortoise.See related links for more information on the Tortoise beetle.

The difference is that turtle limbs are made for swimming and tortoise limbs are not.

depends is its in water or on land....if in water...tortoise drown....if on land...tortoise too slow.... lol turtle easily

There is no tortoise. I also thought it was a tortoise in the beginning, but when I checked the list, there was none. There is only a turtle.You have to combine a rock and a salamander to get a turtle!

NoNo, there is no known venomous turtle or tortoise.

That is the correct spelling of tortoise (land turtle).

A porpoise is a dolphin and a tortoise is a turtle.

tortoise is bigger.and MOST types of tortoise lives on land and the turtle lives in water and land.tortoise claw is pointy so as its mouth! the beak?

A tortoise if you have a garden at home, a turtle if you have a big tank full of water for him to swim in.

A turtle has to be wet most of the time but a tortoise can be out of water for along time like for hibernation.

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Because the tortoise is slow at land and the tortoise is well of walking on land

iortoise is a turtle who lives on the land

box turtle and the giant tortoise

the tortoise is a turtle and the hare is a rabbit

No, a giant tortoise is a turtle, and turtles are reptiles.

Turtle = χελώνα Testudo=turtle in latin.

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