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Create a vc pitch that will show the investors that your site has the real start up attributes (i.e. real business model, valid market, business edge) and its not just one of of a million that says thay can do money using the web.

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Q: Easiest way to receive venture capitalist investment for a new website?
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When was Kevin Johnson - venture capitalist - born?

Kevin Johnson - venture capitalist - was born in 1960.

Why do venture capitalist supply money and other support to entrepreneurs?

In order receive a portion of the profits from the companies that they are helping develop

Where can one read about what a venture capitalist does?

One can read about what a venture capitalist does on sites like Wikipedia. One can also read about venture capitalists from on sites like Investopedia as well.

What is a venture investment?

A venture investment is an investment in a new company (or "venture") which usually bears a high risk of failure, but a correspondingly high return on succes.

Explain the role of venture capital in new venture financing?

A venture capitalist helps organizations get the money the business needs to start operations. Based on the terms, a venture capitalist may own stock in the company.

How much does a venture capitalist get paid?

Venture Capitalism is a peculiar kind of investment where someone invests lumpsum amounts of money on someone who has a new and revolutionary business idea. By investing, the investor or the venture capitalist (VC) will have ownership of the organization through shares or documents that shows that he is one of the stake holders in the company. When the company grows, they would pay the VC payouts based on the profits they make and this is how the VC gets paid.

20000 to start your new business who can help you?

A venture capitalist.

Who is monica crowley dating?

She is dating Bill Siegel, venture capitalist.

What is example of venture capital?

One example of venture capital is taking a $1M investment and selling half your company. The value the investment is $2M.

What are the most lucrative careers in finance?

It varies a bit depending on the cycle of the economy. However, the following are almost always the top 4: Hedge Fund Manager Venture Capitalist Trader Investment Banker

How do venture capitalists invest in a company?

Venture capitalists buy shares or convertible bonds in a company. They do not invest in order to receive an immediate dividend, but rather to allow the company to expand and ultimately increase the value of their investment.

What is return on investment?

-The income from a venture that ia distributed to investors

Investment to achieve high returns quickly?

venture capital

What was a negative factor in the emergence of small business that is considered necessary for a capitalist economy?

venture capital

What education is required To be a venture capitalist?

There is no degree requirement. The only requirement to be a venture capitalist is to have lots of money to use as capital! Some of the most successful individuals never completed college (Bill Gates!). But a degree in business or finance would be very helpful. Venture capitalists are already successful entrepreneurs who have started their own businesses.

Who may use venture capital finance?

The Funds available to Venture Capitalist can be used by anyone having firm idea and he/she should be able to convince VC with his/her Idea.

How do you change a starter part on a 2000 Chevy venture?

What is the easiest way to replace the starter motor on a 2000 chev Venture?

Is venture an adjective an adverb or verb?

The word 'venture' is both a verb and a noun. Examples:Verb: My mom won't venture out at night.Noun: The venture did not look like a good investment.For terms like 'venture capital', the noun venture is forming a compound noun with capital, not as an adjective.

Arthur Rock with apple and Intel what was his role?

Arthur Rock is a venture capitalist who was an early investor in Intel and Apple.

Which is a business likely to need to secure startup capital from a venture capitalist?

The expectation of success in a short period of time

Which of these was not a negative factor in the emergence of small businesses that considered necessary for a capitalist economy?

venture capital for all the A+ students :)

What are the advantages of venture capital?

The primary advantage of venture capital is that they allow entrepreneurs to build their company with OPM (other people's money). If you need financing to build your technology or product and don't have the money to do it yourself, the idea is that the ventue capitalists provides the capital to allow you to build. In exchange, the venture capitalist takes some ownership in your company. The venture capitalist then hopes that your company increases in value and ultimately has a liquidity event (e.g. IPO or sells to another company) so that they can get a return on their invested capital. In addition to capital, venture capitalist can be an invaluable source of information, resources and contacts to help you be successful. More times than not, venture capitalists have experience building companies themselves so they can really help you think strategically about how to grow and be successful.

What is the difference between a capitalist and an entrepreneur?

A venture capitalist invests the money to fund the entrepreneur. The entrepreneur is typically the person with the idea and the business plan, but they often don't have the money to start the business to carry out their idea.

What are the 5 sources of finance for small businesses?

own fundsbank loanventure capitalistangel investorcrowdfunding

What enterprises would most likely attract a venture capitalist?

A one-year-old e-commerce companyy! ;) Apex