Eating chocolate causes acne

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Eating chocolate does not cause acne. Nor does dirt or make-up.

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yes, I have an issue when I eating chocolate it causes the acne on my nose area.

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Q: Eating chocolate causes acne
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Does eating chocolate really give you bad acne?

No. Chocolate is not directly linked to giving you bad acne, a poor diet may but not directly chocolate.

Why do teengers think that chocolate is bad for them?

There is a long standing belief that chocolate causes acne.

Does milk chocolate give you acne?

It could if you have an allergic reaction to chocolate, and a possibility of an allergic reaction to chocolate would be developing acne. No

What causes adult acne ?

There are a few causes of adult acne. Hormones, stress, cosmetics and heredity can contribute to acne in adults.

Do potatos cause acne?

Potatoes are unlikely to cause acne. Suffering from acne as a teenager, I was always told to avoid chocolate!

What are some of the causes of acne?

A few of the leading causes of acne is stress and touching of the face. Along with this, there can be genetic dispositions that lead younger people to have acne.

Why do peanuts causes acne?

In most cases peanuts do not cause acne. This is because researchers have concluded there is no proper diagnosis for acne. There are several factors that contribute to it. Certain types of food intake like eating too much junk food, eating oily food and reducing the number of watery vegetable and fruits weakens your skin cells and damages them which opens your skin to acne vulnerability.

Does bread causes acne?

Yes, diet can certainly cause acne.

What foods cause acne?

Well, if you eat a lot of chocolate (supposedly), that usually causes your acne problems. People also say that milk does too.Many professionals have went back and forth on this topic as to whether food-caused acne is a myth. Many say that "you are what you eat." Eating foods containing a lot of fat and oils will effect your skin and your body inside and out. Always remember to eat those types of foods sparingly.

Is it true that chocolate causes acne?

No it's a myth.Good news for all you chocoholics: Eating chocolate does not cause pimples. Skin care experts agree that acne is not caused by any specific food, including French fries, candy, soda, or potato chips.The real acne causes are a buildup of dead skin cells within the pore, an excess of skin oil (called sebum), and a proliferation of acne-causing bacteria. None of these factors are triggered by the foods we eat.Probably the biggest myth of all is that eating greasy foods causes your skin to produce more oil. Greasy foods, while not really good for your health, will not cause oily skin or produce pimples. In fact, hormonal changes within the body have the greatest impact on sebum production.there is no direct link between any specific food to the development of pimples.Due to different people's different lifestyle and body chemistry, the answer to this question is still inconclusive:The standard way to test questions like this is to take a group of people, randomly divide them into two groups, and have one group eat more chocolate and then compare the two groups afterward. When you investigate the question this way, the answer is no, that chocolate alone does not cause acne.This method neither invalidates nor disproves that individuals can react to foods in different ways. There are definitely people who can break out from eating chocolate, although it is not likely the typical acne of young adults. I know this because it happens to me.Actually, food and acne does have a connection, its just not like, 'Everybody will break out from chocolate, don't eat it!' its more that for certain people certain foods make your face breakout. So if every time you eat, lets say, french fries, you face breaks out a day or so after, stay away from french fries.I don't think so. I think when people eat greasy food or chocolate they can touch their face and the grease from the food on your face will give the acne. Some people still are convinced that eating chocolate does cause acne, so if you think so then don't eat it a lot.For many people, eating lots of chocolate, dairy products, or grains, leads to acne or zits.Some say that the milk in chocolate that causes acne. However, others have reported just as much acne from eating dark chocolate.Chocolate are full of antioxidants which are known to be very anti-acne, but this alone does not prevent acne.It's more likely that hormones, general bad diet, or poor hygiene are to blame.No. It does not.No. It was originally thought that it did, but there has been no study proving any link.Milk and dairy products do, however, as studies have shown. Therefore, milk chocolate will aggravate acne.No, it doesn't. Your hormones control how much oil is produced, not greasy foods.It will give any one who is teenaged, with sensitive, or oil-skin acne. No, chocolate does not give a person with little history of acne, acne.yes but it is not because of coco but rather the sugary milk that is factory produced and is only present in milk chocolateIt all depends. You can eat chocolate as much as you want, but you have to eat right too. Eat fruits and vegetables and meats and proteins, but not so much it causes you to become sick or over fed. Always wash your face at least once or twice a day. Always make sure you are hydrated with water too. Dehydration and lack of water in your body can cause you to have acne too. Just remember to eat healthy and drink lots of water and wash your face daily and your face will always be fresh! :)

Why do you get zits whenever you eat chocolate?

Chocolate does not commonly cause acne. It could be as a result of an intolerance or of a reaction to the chocolate or an ingredient within the chocolate.

What causes chin acne?

Chin acne is usually caused by hormonal imbalances.

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