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For Nova Net this is FALSE! Economics is a science created for measuring the amount people will give for things they need compared to what they want.

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Why is biology is essential science?

We human beings are living organisms, hence we have a vital interest in the study of life. An artificial intelligence (or smart robot) might regard the science of electronics as being more essential than that of biology.

Which of the following is an essential nutrient for human beings?

folate, not lipoic acid

Is public administration a science or an art?

its a social science because it deals with human beings

What are the relationships of science and technology?

science and technology affect human beings and their way of life

Science that deals with the study of human beings?

The scince that deals with the study of human beings is called "anthropology" and i 100% sure this is correct because my mother is a science teacher =)

What is science day?

Science day is a day when science is highlighted and awareness of how science helps human beings is dispersed through the human species.

Is science wonderful?

Science is the most incredibly wonderful thing human beings ever achieved.

What is the science of studying human beings called?

Human Anatomy

What is a feature of an essential amino acid?

An essential amino acid cannot be synthesized by an organism so it must be a part of its diet. In total, there are nine essential amino acids for human beings.

What does the science of ecopsychology deal with?

The science of ecopsychology focuses on the relationship that human beings have with nature. The two primary principles of this science is ecology and psychology.

How many nutrient are indispensable in the diet?

An indispensable nutrient is also known as an essential nutrient. About 40 nutrients are currently known to be essential for human beings.

How are social science and sociology different?

Sociology is a social science. While social sciences are a field of science overall.Science has three fields: natural science, social science, and behavioral science. Social sciences are disciplines that are concerned with and built upon social life and many aspects of it. They all to have to do studying something that could not have existed without human beings present and creating it within their social life. Such as law, economics, history, communication studies, human geography, psychology, education, linguistics, etc. All of these study human beings in their social state in a certain aspect.Like law is the study of a system of rules within our social lives and institutions. Education is the process by which humans accumulate knowledge & skills and the various ways of handing it down. Sociology is the study of human beings interacting.All of these studies are social. They aren't natural in the sense that they exist there on its own like nature, which we study in biology or earth science.

What is the Difference of physical science and biological science?

Physical science is learning about moving things and bilogical science is learning about cells, human beings things are alive and not alive and so on

Can science and math answer all the questions human beings ask?

yes the premis of life is based around science and math

How science has been useful for human beings?

kwento mo sa pagong

What has the author Jonathan Cowie written?

Jonathan Cowie has written: 'Climate Change' -- subject(s): OverDrive, Nonfiction, Science 'Climate change' -- subject(s): Mass extinctions, Climatic changes, Environmental aspects, Physical anthropology, Effect of environment on, Paleoclimatology, Human beings, History, Bioclimatology, Human ecology 'The economics of transport' -- subject(s): Economics, Transportation

Is co2 important to science?

yes,co2 is important to science.because co2 is released by human beings and used by plants these are parts of science

What are the features of business ethics?

1) it deals with human beings 2) it is a normative science

What is a catchy title for a science project having to do with calories?

Hidden Calories In Human Beings!!!

How does science affect us?

Science has a major effect on human beings every day. From the houses that are lived in to the computers used to access the Internet, science is integral to almost everything.

What is an essential dietary nutrient for human beings alipoic acid binositol cfolate dmethoxatin?


What major clues to the past are studied in the science of archaeology?

Artifacts (things made by human beings) are the major clues to the past studied in the science of archaeology.

What does hazard mean in science?

hazards means somthing that has dangerouse effect on life of living beings

What is the major function of water in the body?

Water is essential for human beings to live and makes up 65-90% of our body.

Does amino acid affect human beings?

Amino acids are essential for the creation of proteins, which are vital for many biological functions.