Edward and Jacob should date?

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Yes, but not each other.

Who will win Jacob or Edward?

If you meant who was cast for the 2008 Twilight movie, Robert Pattinson will play Edward, and Taylor Lautner will play Jacob. However, if you mean 'Who will win Bella?', then it is Edward who marries Bella. FORTUNATELY... edward wins....!! ~That Depends on how you define "Wins" Edward ends up ( Full Answer )

Do you prefer Jacob or Edward?

edwardd! because Jacob told her dad on her about the motorcycles..plus he is way younger than Bella.. but you are right it is a matter of opinion That is a complete matter of opinion. However, I would pick Jacob. __ Bella realizes that she loves both of them but Edward's love is more stro ( Full Answer )

Did Bella pick Edward or Jacob?

She picks Edward. But she gets Jacob as a son-in-law. She gets Jacob as a son-in-law because he imprints on her daughter Renesmee. She picks Edward and they get married, but Bella gets pregnant with Edward on their honeymoon. So when the kid is born a human would die but right after the birth, Be ( Full Answer )

Will Bella marry Edward or Jacob?

All I am going to say is that there is a wedding in Breaking Dawn. You will just have to read the books and find out. (s-nsadjo) ___________________________________________________________________________ Bella will marry Edward in Breaking Dawn. Bella loves Jacob as well but her love for ( Full Answer )

Does edward know that Jacob is a werewolf?

Okay two things. . First, he is not a true werewolf. He is a shapeshifter. It said in Breaking Dawn.. And second, no. He thinks the gene died out with Ephraim.

Does Bella love Edward or Jacob?

Edward but she finds Jacob a bit intruging yes but she liked Jacob because edward was gone she doesnt like hime like that she was sad so he was there to help her so she thought she liked him there just freinds

Are you team edward or Jacob?

SHARE YOUR IDEAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1>edward is the right choice for Bella 2>Jacob is way hotter then edward!

Why does Jacob hate Edward?

Jacob hates Edward because Jacob is a werewolf and Edward is avampire. The two species don't get along that well.

Does Jacob like edward?

Not in new-moon because Edward leaves Bella and then takes her back when Bella and Jacob were going to start a life. He was frustrated because he loves Bella just as much as Edward.

Is Jacob stronger than Edward?

There have been many arguements over this matter. However, the author has made it clear that Edward is meant to be the strongest. As opionions vary, we have come to the conclusion that the author knows best. so believe what you may, for it's up to you to judge!

Who does she choose Edward or Jacob?

She chooses Edward because she had feeling for him the very first time they met.. she marries edward, has a baby that almost kills her, then becomes a vampire with edward and lives happily ever forever

Do edward and Jacob get into a fight?

Yup , Jacob tries to talk Bella into staying with him and not marrying Edward , but he kisses her and she pushes him away from her and punches him on the cheek and breaks her hand and then Edward comes and they have a fight.

Does Jacob get jelous of edward?

Yes in all 4 books he does because he thinks that he lovess her but he was only drawn to her because hse gives birth to Runesme.

Who gets Bella Jacob or edward?

Edward. Edward wins her heart. Jacob has it too for a bit, but sheloves Edward and that's that. Jacob tries to make himself imprintedto her, like Sam and Emily, but it doesn't work because it onlycomes naturally.

Team Edward of Tem Jacob?

well i love both of them but i have to say TEAM EDWARD. only because edward is aliittle but cutter

Should Bella Swan pick Edward or Jacob?

Bella Swan has no choice in the matter. She is "completely and irrevoquably" in love with Edward Cullen. Those words tell us she cannot love Jacob the way she loves Edward. Irrevoquably means, according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary results, not possible to revoke : unalterable - an irrevoc ( Full Answer )

Did Jacob hurt Edward?

Yes. When Bella chose Jacob it's like Jacob made Edward's heart broken cause he stole his girl. I'm pretty sure (like 75%) he didn't physically hurt Edward. I wrote something in discussion read it please. yeppp that's why Jacob and idiot!!!!!

Why does bella love edward and not jacob?

I think because Edward is much more in control of himself and the way he handles himself,he looks very manly and not to mention that he is so strikingly attractive. you know.Bella loves that he mysterious and extremely interesting to her because he is distant and different from other people she has ( Full Answer )

Does Bella chose Jacob or Edward?

depends on how you look at it and in which book. in twilight Jacob really isn't there. so edward is hers. in new moon, she chooses edward. then when he leaves to "protect her" she goes to Jacob. (which i HATE her for playing both of them) then she ends up being with edward forever, and will always ( Full Answer )

Is it Bella and Edward or Bella and Jacob?

Bella Swan ends up with Edward Cullen, marries him and has a child, Reneesmee Carlile Cullen in Breaking Dawn. In Eclipse, Jacob Black only likes her because of Reneesmee, who was a part of her at the time, even though she wasn't pregnant. It was obvious to him that she was picking Edward, so, he co ( Full Answer )

Is renesmee Edwards or Jacobs?

Edward's but Jacob imprinted on her. And if she chooses so, then he will marry her when she gets older

Does Edward Cullen fight Jacob?

No. But Bella gets angry at him in Breaking Dawn when Jacob imprinted on Renesmee, Bella and Edward's daughter. Since she was at that point a vampire, she attacked him, but stopped herself before she did anything to hurt him.---- Um. She does attack him she does not stop herself. Seth Clearwater jum ( Full Answer )

Is Jacob jealous of Edward?

He is in twilight, new moon, eclipse and the beginning of breaking dawn. he kisses her a few times in eclipse, and in all of the books he asks Bella to leave Edward. When Edward and Bella get married, he leaves the country. He finally stops loving Bella when he imprints on her child. (imprint means ( Full Answer )

Jacob is better with Bella then edward?

Edward is better with Bella because they have a strong love connection. Jacob and Bella should rather be best friends because they just have teenage love for each other.\ In Friends monica and chandler only got together and became to happy together coz they were best friends frist so i think th ( Full Answer )

Who is cuter Edward or Jacob from Twilight?

Okay ladies i think we all know it is Edward! he is SO hot and romantic we all love them except the haters who love the ugly ass Jakob. He is the most hottest guy from the dead!!

Who is your favorite edward or Jacob?

out of a possible score of 0 to 10 i think JACOB is a 1000000, and EDWARD is a 1and a half!!! . Edward is sad. He is also scary, Jacob is Hot and Taylor Lautner is aswell. Edward is scary and in real life when he is Robert Pattison - he isn't very hot. But when he was Cedric Diggory in Harry Pott ( Full Answer )

Who has a better personality edward or Jacob?

Edward loves her, and wants whats best for her. In the film 'eclipse' we saw that Edward tried to kill himself when he thought Bella was dead. Jacob also loves her, but he is selfish towards her and just wants to have her rather than wanting her to choose who she wants. The only good thing between B ( Full Answer )

Who is better looking Edward or Jacob?

Edward and Jacob are characters in the Twilight Saga books andmovies. The debate on who is better looking between the two isdivided.

Are you on Jacobs side or Edwards side?

well after you see the new moon movie you definatly wanna be on Jacobs side. but for the book you like both of them. like you don't have a favorite. and Jacob is freakin georgeous. yummm....

Why doesn't Jacob like Edward?

Jacob doesn't like Edward for 3 reasons: 1. Jacob doesn't like Edward because Jacob likes and eventually loves Bella, and Edward has Bella's heart and she has his so they're Soul Mates, and Jacob can't change that. 2. Jacob doesn't like Edward because Bella wants to get turned into a vampire a ( Full Answer )

Why is Edward jealous of Jacob in eclipse?

1. edward can read his thoughts abbbout how Jacob feels about Bella. 2. Edward can see how Bella looked when he left her. 3.Edward knows Bella secretly fancies Jacob... 10. i hoped i helllllllpt! lolx =D

What is team Edward and Jacob?

From the popular Twilight Saga of books and movies, Edward Cullen and Jacob Black are the two love interests for the main character, Bella Swan. In merchandising and fan-based groups, those who support Bella and Edward coupling are commonly called "Team Edward". Likewise, those who support Jaco ( Full Answer )

What do Edward and Jacob have in common?

They both have inhumane genetics, meaning they don't have the same genes as everyone else. And they are both absolutly in love with Bella.

Does Jacob and edward form a alliance?

They do in Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. In Eclipse there is a war between new born vampires and vampires and werewolves. In order to defeat the new born vampires the other vampires and the werewolves must form an alliance so the people in Forks are safe. In Breaking Dawn, Jacob finds out Bella is preg ( Full Answer )

Do Edward and Jacob battle for Bella?

Edward and Jacob do fight over Bella but not phyisically.In breaking dawn Jacob understands that Bella will always love Edward more than him.Also suprisingly Edward and Jacob start to become friends.

Which is better edward or Jacob or James?

Team Edward because he truly cares for Bella, in New Moon, he leaves her only because he thought he'd be protecting her, even after he and his family left, he still loved her. In Eclipse, Jacob is forcing her to choose between him, or Edward, when it's obvious from book 1 that she chooses Edward, ye ( Full Answer )

Team Edward or team Jacob?

Team Edward Because if he wins and gets Bella then Jacob's free! But if Edward get's Bella an they have renesmee then Jacob will imprint on her. So the only real solution is to kill Bella. If you kill Bella then Edward will get himself killed. There will be no Renesmee which means no imprinting ( Full Answer )

Should Bella choose Jacob or Edward?

because all her life had been so boring never good at anything but ever since she met edward she wanted to be a vampire because she would/is good at it, she was born to be a vampire.But I choose Jacob beause of his personality,at least he gets renesmee.

Who is the hottest out of Edward and Jacob?

obviously JACOB he is so hot neither because they are stupid. Jacob because he has a sexy chest but i like the way edward is obsessed with bella. If my man acted like edward but was as sexy as jacob i would be happy.

What does Jacob do to Edward when Bella has a baby?

He Doesn't do anything. Edward said that if bella dies than jacob could kill him. but when bella does die he tells edward that he wont kill him because he beleaves he deserves to live with the guilt of getting bella pregnate with a demon inside of her and killing her. in the end they become friends ( Full Answer )