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Efficiency in packing - CBSE project?

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Suggest a good maths project for class 10 CBSE?

CBSE has recommended a number of projects for class X for example efficiency in packing geometry in real life experiments on probability and many more

From where you can download c plus plus project CBSE syllabus?

hi, for class xii cbse syllabus project are free available on site. www.cppforschool.com

Cbse ix class project of history format?

Project on China and Uttarakhand.

What is efficiency in packing?


Cbse class10th projects?

what is the sst project for clas10(2010)

Efficiency of packing of object of different shapes?

The efficiency of packing of objects relies on the shape of the objects. There are two factors to take into account: empty space between objects (which cannot be avoided due to the object shape) and empty space around the outside of the objects and the packing container.

Guide for CBSE 9 sst project?

go to www.cbse.nic.in and search

Project samples for 12th standard CBSE?

Friends there is one and only one website for CBSE Projects [url moved to related links]

You want a complete project of accounts of class 12th cbse?

first term comprenshive project of class 12th

Define the term packing efficiency?

It is when a company packages things fast and in order as they should be.

On what you have to do the CBSE project of class 9?

its over here http://www.teacheruniverse.in/articles/36/1/Projects-for-Class-IX-CBSE-Circular-No-18/Page1.html

Which is more efficient body centered cubic or face centered cubic?

FCC has a packing factor of 0.74 and BCC is 0.68 so FCC has higher packing efficiency

Topics for maths project for class x?

Project 1: Efficiency in PackingTo investigate the efficiency of packing of objects of different shapes in a cuboid box. (Efficiency is the percentage of box space occupied by the objects.)Project 2: Geometry in real lifeIn this project we try to find situations in daily life where geometrical notions can be effectively used. In particular, the student discovers situations in which properties of similar triangles learnt in the classroom are useful.Project 3: Experiments on ProbabilityTo appreciate that finding probability through experiment is different from finding proability by calculation. Students become sesitive towards the fact that if they increase the number of observaions, probabilty found through experiment approaches the calculated probability.Project 4: Displacement and rotation of a geometrical figureTo study the distance between different points of a geometrical figure when it is displaced and / or rotated. Enhances familiarity with co-ordinate geometry.Project 5: Frequency of letters/ words in a languageAnalysis of a language text using graphical and pie chart techniques

CBSE Sst Project work 2008-2009?

pocket guide on first aid

What should i do on class ix disaster management cbse project?

HTTP://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Disaster_risk_reduction This will help....

Cbse social science project topics for class X 2009-2010?

topic for social science project for class 10th is first aid

How can economize during construction of a project?

Plan out Labor Schedules and use project management softwares to build on efficiency.

How do you make a project work of Disaster Management for CBSE class 10th?

visit this link--http://mycbseguide.com/blog/topicsthemes-for-project-work-on-disaster-management/ by (sweetteen)

You want a sample of the class 10 cbse dm project?

from dinesh lab manual book .try it or from future track

What is the best Home Improvement project for my house?

One way to approve the energy efficiency of your home is to go to the Energy Star website. On there, you can access the energy efficiency of your home as compared to other homes. After that, they can tell you how to better seal and insulate and how to heat and cool efficiently.

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