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All things being equal, 80 pounds.

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How much does a fifteen foot rattlesnake weigh?

Maybe forty pounds, but rattlers don't get over eight feet long.

How many pounds does a bobcat weigh?

Most weigh between ten and thirty pounds, but sometimes a large male may be up to forty pounds.

How much does a dachsund weigh?

A healthy standard dachshund should weigh sixteen to thirty-two pounds. The miniture dachshund should weigh nine to eleven pounds.

How much does a pike fish weigh usually?

The northern pike can weigh up to forty pounds, usually around ten pounds.

You are 5ft 9in what should you weigh?

one hundred forty-five pounds

How much does a standard schnauzer weigh?

Between thirty and forty-five pounds.

How much should a five foot eleven sixteen year old girl weigh?

at 5ft she should weigh 105 pounds add 5 pounds for every inch

How much does an Oscar weigh?

It weighs 8.5 pounds.It weighs eight-and-a-half pounds.

How much does an average crane way?

It weigh about eight pounds!

How much does a gallon of mud weigh?

A gallon of mud weighs eight pounds. Eight pounds is equal to 128 ounces which is the equivalent of one gallon.

How much should an eight year old weigh in pounds?

60-65 pounds EXACTLY when i was six i weighd 48 pounds

How much should your guinea pig weigh?

Up to seven or eight pounds

How much does rabbit weigh?

About eight pounds it also depends on what breed of rabbits you have!

How much does 1 gallon of crude oil weigh in US pounds?

A gallon of anything is equal to eight fluid pounds. this is because there are two pints, which is equal two sixteen fluid ounces, in a quart and there a four quarts in a gallon. So all you need to do is multiply two and four and you will get eight. there is no need to change it to any other form because sixteen fluid ounces is equal to one fluid pound. In ounces it is 128 ounces.

Which weigh more 8 stones or 115 pounds?

115 pounds is more than 8 stones. Eight stones is 112 pounds.

What should a five foot seven sixteen year old girl weigh?

Your ideal weight is between 118.4 and 159.4 pounds

What is the average weight for a eight year old?

they weigh about between 60 and 95 pounds

How big is a eagle's wing span?

Eight feet and can weigh up to 15 pounds.

How much does spot fish weigh?

Roughly about six to eight pounds but I'm not sure.

How many pounds does eight quarts of grapes weigh?

If 4 quarts equal 8 pounds.....so......8 quarts equal 16 pounds.

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