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Q: Electromagnetism is propagated by what waves?
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What waves are propagated by electromagnetism?

Electromagnetic waves.

What is electromagnetism is propagated?


What do radio waves propagated through the interaction of?

radio waves are propagated through the interaction of

Electromagnetic waves are produced by?

an electric field and a magnetic field both oscillating at the same frequency and orthogonal to each other.

How is sound propagated through air?

In the form of longitudinal waves

What is a waveguide when referring to electromagnetism?

A Waveguide when referring to electromagnetism can point to any linear structure that transports electromagnetic waves in between the endpoints of the structure.

How does a longitudinal wave travel?

With the help of compressions and rarefactions longitudinal waves get propagated.

Can electromagnetic waves be propagated through solid liquid and gas products?


What is transferred by electromagnet waves?

Electromagnetic radiation is transferred by electromagnetic waves. Electromagnetic radiation is a fundamental phenomenon of electromagnetism.

Who found electromagnetic waves?

I know that James Clerk Maxwell developed equations for electromagnetism.

What is seismec waves?

Seismic waves are the vibration generated by an earthquake, explosion, or similar phenomenon and propagated within the Earth or along its surface.

Water waves are longitudial waves?

Waves formed on the surface of water are transverse in nature. But sound waves when propagated through water medium then that will be in longitudinal nature. Cannot be seen on the surface.