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Elude in a sentence?

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It is easy to elude unsuspecting people.

Johnny had to elude the scene by hiding in the closet because he had stolen something and the police were on there way.

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How do you use elude in a sentence?

The thief continues to elude the police.

What is elude used in a sentence?

"The prisoner planned to elude the guards on the bridge"

A sentence for elude?

The serial killer was able to elude authorities for three years.

Sentence with elude?

johnny had to elude the police by hiding in the closet because he had stolen something.

How do you use a sentence with elude?

The crooks will only be able to elude capture for so long.

Use elude in a sentence?

I managed to elude capture. Her name eluded me. I basically means escape.

Make a sentence escape and elude?

The prisoner made an escape from the courthouse, hoping to elude capture.

What is a sentence with elude in it?

if i could answer it but i was still eluding it

How do you write a sentence with elude?

"For so long you've managed to elude my attempts to capture you...until now." "The vision seemed to elude me, one second there and another, not."

What is an example sentence for the word eluded?

The answer didnt elude him/her.

How do you use the word elude in a sentence?

We are not sure; somehow the answer eludes us. The real identity of the new guest continued to elude her.

You want a sentence on the word elude?

John hid high up in the tree, in an effort to elude his playmates while playing hide-and-seek.

How do you put elude in a sentence?

I'm sorry, but the answer to your question eludes me; not really.

What part of speech is elude?

Elude is a verb.

What is an antonym for tackle?

avoid elude avoid elude

Is elude a noun adjective or verb?

The word elude is a verb (elude, eludes, eluding, eluded); to escape or avoid by skill or trickery.

What is the difference between allude and elude?

you can elude a pursuer and allude to a book

Is metal elude?

Metal is not elude. It will take a while for metal to burn.

A sentences for the word elude?

She will have to elude from scene if she doesn't want anyone suspect that she did the crime.

What is a sentence using the word Elude?

The criminal eluded the police for several days until he finally accepted his fait and turned himself in.

How do you use the word indictment in a sentence?

The indictment shows the defendant to be charged with two counts of trespassing, fleeing to elude, and felony battery.

What is the meaning of elude as an adjective?

'Elude' is a verb. Therefore it has no meaning as an adjective, since it isn't one.

What does elude mean?

To escape by being quick or clever The definition of the word elude means evade or avoid.

What is the synonym for the word elude?

I would probably say the word "avoid" is a probable synonym of the word, elude.

What is the opposite of elude?