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haye karan my name is waqas i write a story and decided i can make film of this story my story title name is "a student life"

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Q: Email ID of Film Director karan johar?
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Karan Johar for the film Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

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Karan Johar won the 56th Filmfare Award for Best Director in 2011 for the film My Name Is Khan.

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Karan Johar [b. May 25, 1972] is the director of the movie 'My Name Is Khan' [in Hindi, 'माय नेम इज़ ख़ान']. He's the son of Indian film industry producer Yash Johar [September 6, 1929-June 26, 2004]. He's good friends with actor Shahrukh Khan [b. November 2, 1965], whom he likes to cast in his productions.

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