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is controled by vacum,,,,you need to ck thr vacum line to the shut-off seliniod

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Q: Engine keeps runnig after egnision is turnd off 300d Mercedes?
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Mercedes sprinter running problems keeps cutting out?

fuel rail sensor

What do you do if your Mercedes e class abs pump keeps cutting in?

Check the connections on the wheel sensors.

Why does a ventilation fan keep running on a Mercedes 230 when the engine is turned off?

cuz the engine gets to hot and even it's turned off it still needs to cool down so the fan keeps running to cool it and if u take a look at about half an hour after you turn the engine off you'll notice that it's off as it has cooled the engine :)

What keeps the engine running?

fuel, fire, and compression

Steam engine device which keeps the speed of the engine constant at all loads is?


How does oil cool an engine?

Oil is not a coolant, it is a lubricant, but it keeps the engine lubricated to prevent friction, which reduces heat and makes is run cooler. Water in the radiator, and the radiator fan, is what keeps the engine cool.

A steam engine device which keeps the speed of the engine all loads constant isknown as?


What steam engine device keeps the speed of the engine all loads constant?

centrifugal governor

A steam engine device which keeps the speed of the engine all loads constant is known as?


What is wrong with the engine when the engine light on the dash board keeps flashing?

might be a misfire in a cylinder...

Where does coolant go?

It prevents the liquid within the engine from freezing or boiling. Coolant does just what the name implies. It keeps the engine cool, meaning it keeps the engine at the correct operating temperature. It also prevents corrosion within the engine and cooling system.

What is the function of mechanical governor?

It keeps the engine from over revving.

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