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Jarvis Brook in East Sussex. There are quite a few more as well.

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Is there an English city beginning with j?

there are 25 cities in the UK none of them beginning with 'J'

What is a word beginning with i and ending with j?

There are no words in the English language that begin and end with the letter j.

What has the author Brian J Bailey written?

Brian J. Bailey has written: 'The English village green' 'Hellholes' -- subject(s): Prisons 'The Resurrection men'

A film beginning with J?

A film beginning with j Is Jumanji

Places in the UK beginning with the letter j?

Jesmond is a suburb of the city Newcastle upon Tyne, England. Jaywick is a village in Essex, England.

Why are there no countries beginning with j in Europe?

There are no European countries beginning with 'O', 'Q', 'W', 'X', 'Y', or 'Z' in the English language. It is just statistics; these letters are not used very often in the English language.

What is a month beginning with J anywhere in the world?

Months that begin with the letter "J" include: January June July In the English language, these names are the same worldwide.

Famous women beginning with the letter j?

Joyce Grenfell OBE, English actress, comedienne and singer-songwriter.

What English football team beginning with J?

There is only one Football team in both the entire English and Scottish professional leagues with a J anywhere in their name . That team is St Johnstone who play in Perth in Scotland .

What is a Russian town beginning with j?

Modern English transliteration of Russian doesn't use the letter "J". Neither does Russia's cyrillic alphabet. A Russian name starting with a "Y" in English transliteration would tend to begin with a "J" in German, e.g. Jaroslawel (Yaroslavl).

What is a college major beginning with the letter J?

College majors beginning with the letter "J" are:Journalism

Football teams beginning with 'j'?

Juventus Juventus

Countries beginning with 'j?

· Jamaica · Japan · Jordan

What is the word 'village' when translated from English to Japanese?


Places in England beginning with A?

Ascot is a village in England

What has the author David J Smith written?

David J. Smith has written: 'If the world were a village' 'If the world were a village' -- subject(s): Juvenile literature, Human geography, Population

What is an emotin beginning with j?

Jealousy is an emotion. It begins with the letter J.

Why do J. R. Rotem's songs have the signature J-J-J-J-J-R at the beginning?

Cuz that his llmark

Desserts beginning with J?


What is a place beginning with J?


Items beginning with J?


What is a Word beginning with J?


Flower beginning with a J?


A fruit beginning with j?


What is a science beginning with j?


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